In Close Combat With a Killer

Close combat training turns victims into survivors, because they have the knowledge to stop evil. Sadly not everyone sees the need for training or even the need to fight back when encountering evil, but personal security should be your number one priority. In California in 1985, Richard Ramirez, a criminal and Satanist, murder 15 people along with many other crimes, and he did not stop until people fought back. Not resisting will not keep you safe, but self defense training will. Do not be a victim, be a fighter.

On a June night in 1984, Ramirez would begin killing, but the killings would not start again until next spring. He would break into homes and rape and kill his victims – stealing whatever he could find. Many bodies had pentagrams carved into them and every scene was bloody. The Los Angeles police department (LAPD) had little to go on at first, but victims were about to tell them they were looking for a tall, boney, Hispanic male with rotten teeth who was killing in the name of Satan.

Things would only get worse when Ramirez began stalking people in San Francisco. The rapids and murderers would become even more frequent, but police would get a break. One woman who was raped twice after watching her fiancée murdered was able to describe the killer and his car – the a neighbor even got license plate number. Although Ramirez abandoned the car, they found his finger prints. The hunt was on and every police officer was on the hunt for the "Night Stalker" – but the police would not be the ones to catch him.

Despite the media revealing his name and face, Ramirez did not stop, but his luck would run out when he tried to steal a car and the owner fought back. After running away from the man Ramirez tried to steal Angelina de la Torres's car. Ramirez said he had a gun and demanded the car, but she screamed for help. Her husband Manuel came running with metal fence post while Jose Burgoin having heard the noise next door was calling police. His sons Jaime and Julio saw what was going on and came running to help – joining Manuel as they chased Ramirez down fitting him the whole way. Jamie recognized Ramirez as the killer, but nobody backed down. Satan's killer who avoided two police departments was taken down hard by three ordinary men who refused to be afraid.

While many people know who Richard Ramirez the "Night Stalker," few people know the names Jaime and Julio Burgoin and Manuel Torres – the brave individuals who fought back and practiced a man who killed at least 15 people and was responsible for many other brutal crimes . They went into close combat with no fear and stopped a killing machine. If you have self defense training you will be more confident and if you're more confident you will fight and if you fight you will live. Evil only wins if you let it so do not stop stay vigilant and do not be afraid to fight.

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