Interesting Pug Facts

Pugs are one of America’s favorite dog breeds and have been for decades. While there is a lot known about this breed, there are a lot of pug facts you may not be aware of.

Pugs are actually one of the oldest breeds of dogs as determined by DNA evidence. In fact there is evidence that pugs may have been around since 400 BC. The pug originated in China and was bred by Chinese Royalty in the Forbidden City during the Tang and Yang Dynasties.

Even in Tibet, Buddhist monasteries kept these dogs and considered them as religious symbols. The Chinese so revered these dogs, that for hundreds of years they refused to trade them with the new world. It was not until the 1800’s that the pug appeared in Europe. In Europe they were also a favorite among royalty.

Some of the famous names who have owned pugs through the centuries include, Josephine (Napoleon’s wife), William the III, and Mary the II of England, Goya (the artist), Marie Antoinette, and Queen Victoria.

The pug started gaining attention in the United States after the Civil War and was first officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1885. From that time pugs have continued to grow in popularity here. In fact for the last several decades, the pug has been consistently listed in the top 20 dog breeds as determined by the American Kennel Club.

Despite being a very popular dog breed, the pug is prone to a number of health problems. Due to their unique head shape they are prone to a number of respiratory problems. Some of these problems include pneumonia and an elongated soft palate.

Another pug fact is that they have large eyes, which also leads to lots of problems. Trauma to the eye is common resulting in corneal ulcers, which is very painful. Pugs are also prone to cataracts, which is a whitening of the lens, leading to reduced visibility and even blindness.

Pugs can also get a condition called entropion due to excessive skin. Because of all the skin folds on their heads, sometimes a skin fold may rub against the eye resulting in irritation and the condition call entropion.

These are just some of the interesting pug facts that you can find by doing a little research. Pugs will continue to be one of America’s favorite breeds due to their unique face and small size.

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