Interior Design and Ecological Awareness

Introducing Green or eco friendly products through interior design projects in developing countries should enhance and develop environmental conditions and reserve natural resources. National housing projects could have an ideal access to implement and apply green methodologies. People are not yet familiar with eco friendly labels; They sort it as a minor issue. Simply they do not care due to lake of environmental awareness provided by local media.

Focusing on its economic advantages – environment friendly products can be easily promoted as low-priced solutions yet with same effectiveness. For instance power saving lighting fixtures and water saving faucets should be seriously implemented through national housing projects and will save a great deal of energy and a vital natural resource such as water. Solutions concerning window treatments will prevent heat exchange between interior and exterior environments thus indirectly saving energy consumption required for warming up or cooling surroundings.

Environmentally Certified products including electrical fixtures, window treatments, paints, plumbing valves, flush valves and water piping systems should be strictly applied through local building codes.

The adoption of the recycling concept can hardly be seen due to a missing recycling industry. The product cycle and the benefits are not clearly apparent among ordinary individuals and daily consumers; Again because of absent media material.

Ecological awareness has to be presented to our kids in schools at early ages in form of solutions and personally-affecting benefits. Media should focus on economic advantages simply touching everyday consumer in case of using eco-certified labeled products. Also introducing a green product as a healthier and more hygienic solution could be another aspect. Finally governments have to add on environmentally certified fixtures as essentials within building codes.

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Mohamed M. Khalifa

Author: admin

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