Is He Your Right Guy? – Love Test Him Using Smart Intuition Skills

In my travels as an international psychic, in my 20 years teaching women to understand themselves better, I have discovered an interesting thing: women love to love.

Many women may dispute this saying their careers are their dominant driver and motivation, or their hard won goals have always been their focus. For these women relationships have not been a priority.

I have even heard some men say that most women are secretly manipulative! That they just want to get their money!

Of course it is easy to generalize and everyone is a unique individual with unique personalities and circumstances. However the medical research on the true dominant motivators for men and women are now being revealed in scientific studies on the hormonal systems of our body.

Chemical Wiring

Medical doctor and researcher Dr Louann Brizendine in her book “The Female Brain” confirms women love to love – their children, their families, their lovers, each other and their community. Women, according to Brizendine, are hard-wired hormonally to love. Our body’s complex chemistry, designed from our earliest ancestor, makes us do everything we can to create conditions where love can blossom.

So when it comes to dating, finding a partner, being with a lover, living with a husband or live-in partner, the research shows that a woman’s priority is loving, harmony, depth of feeling, emotional safety and emotional security.

Right! Where is this leading me when it comes to dating and successful relationships?

In a nutshell two keys:

  1. Women, it’s important you find the RIGHT KIND OF PERSON to enter a long-term loving partnership with. Otherwise you will forever be struggling to create harmonious conditions for love – and that hurts.
  1. Using simple intuition focus tools women can learn to immediately xray their lover’s feelings and attitude BELOW THE SURFACE.

The wonderful outcome of a woman trusting her intuition, and learning to use it skillfully in this way is she can easily UNDERSTAND HER MAN – and either love him more deeply – or decide clearly he’s not for her.

Practical intuition focus skills can easily be learned by most women, as again, women’s bodies are particularly hormonally wired to read subtle signals, feel hidden emotions, and respond faster to nearly ‘invisible’ cues by their partner, according to Dr Brizendine.

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Alicia M Power

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