Is My Woman Body Pious – Beauty of Marriage – Part 13?

"Ten percent of liberal Western thinkers, in the name of Human Rights
Liberties have destroyed the basic fibers of cultured, social and
civilized societies of West in the past century and they are doing so with Asian societies now "

"Anyone who divorces his wife, except for fornication, and marries another, commits adultery" said Jesus Christ, the Messiah (Mathew, chapter-19, verse-9) at Jude before revealing the true virtues of pious life and his mission of taking back his sheep to the Kingdom of Heaven (KOH). Whom the Messiah had called sheep needs insight cosmic journey to know but the Prophet had unambiguously advised to follow the Laws of Nature (LON)? When Kremer versus Kremer film was released in the West, the people were thrilled as to how apprehending were the pressures of life on husband, wife and children? People were moved with the theme as it was affecting each second couple.

Infact now days, the true sense of marriage has been lost. The 200 years of freedom of Westerners in the name of Human Rights have destroyed the basic fabrics of social societies. The institution of marriage is eroding and being replaced with the new concept of what I termed as "Living in Couples Partners (LICAP)". Although it has destroyed the family cultures, traditions and social ethics of west nearly a century before; but it has poisoned shortsighted glittering life style living youths in Asian Sub continent now. The LICAP concept of few men and women is not only revolves around the outlook of lust, sex and profanity; but also giving birth to bastards and illegitimate children thus, making the "Prophecy of Destruction of World" of the Jesus Christ, the Messiah's true.

LICAP concept by and large has while made a few revolutionary changes in orthodox societies on one side, it has introduced in the Animal Way of Life (AWOL). I feel that while AWL has:

oOne; enlarged human vision beyond the microscopic traditions of caste, races, color and creeds. It assisted societies in eradicating various social evils;

oTwo; it brave a freedom of thoughts and actions to younger generations in making independent and free decisions;

oThree; broke the man made geographical territorial barriers of nations, states and countries;

oFour; nearly eliminated the social evil of dowry which has violated large number of women in India; and

oFive; man brave a new outlook of family without tying down with the responsibilities of either of the couple to children. This syndrome of Fun and Frolics (FAF) without social responsibilities has attracted almost all of the males of all age group. The new society has emerged at very rapid pace in the West. It has created a disturbed, unstable and scattered; but mean, self-centered and selfish nucleus family, which only maintained their relationships based on only one single theme of sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

oThe new breed has redefined the laws of marriage and divorce in society.

Notwithstanding with the above assertions, I feel the LICAP has done more harm than benefit in all the societies of the world. It has really affected civilized societies beyond imaginations. Some of the disparaging and negative issues are that:

oA) it has revolutionized the marriage institution and bought in a new debate all over the world about the status and position of offspring's of such couples born out of copulation and cohabitation following rule of LICAP in the societies;

oB); drifted the people from a Civilian Way of Life (CWL) to AWL;

oC); changed the definitions of morality, ethics and traditions;

oD); glided people toward increased lust, sex and uncouthness;

oE); guiding the world towards fulfilling the Prophecies of Lord Krishna in Geeta and Jesus Christ, the Messiah, in Holy Bible that when illegitimate and bastards born out of legal wedlock would swarm the world than world would be destroyed, and;

oF); Increase in LICAP would mark the arrival of Satan which would bring wretchedness, drafts and miseries.

oG); created an irresponsible and uncivilized breed of rich celebrities who always remained very sexually charged for momentous pleasures.

oH); major challenged surfaced for the World to provide Shelter and care to not only large number of aged, infirm and old people but also hundreds of bastards born out of such couples.

Had my woman worked for her pious body, I would assure readers that she can carryout self realization and see the creator with in her. What my entire woman needs to do is maintain the sanctity of body as prophesied by the Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammad and most of the Hindu religious epics. She needs to contact for guidance.

"If your eye commits adultery with any female other than your wife, gouge out and throw it away" said the Messiah Jesus Christ while addressing his disciples at Galilee. I hope as my woman is not a symbol of sex, covetousness and lust, she needs to create an environment of high moral and social values. I recommend that my woman has to follow to:

oLive within social norms as propagated by Christ, Holy Quran and all Hindu epics;

oMaintain piouscity of your body from birth till death if she wish to do self realizations;

oNever make your body obscene object of lust, sex and infidelity;

oAlways believe that who knows you might be next Marry to bless universe with a Christ;

oThink you are blessing the world with God's own creation. Remember LON does not change with change of mind. Every man and woman can fulfill the biological needs of sex and lust of body living with in the ambit of LON.

While carrying out study on LICAP couples, I have found that;

omost of the couples begin to develop differences of opinion with two to three months of staying together after their lust of sex has been fulfilled;

oespecially men have been seen creating disturbed situations as they get early lusty satisfaction;

oSuch men generally begin to create environment for my woman to quarrel and remain disturbed; and

oAs my woman has no where to go because she has broken all relationships of her nears and dear ones, she gets hypertensive and some times commit suicide

I have observed that most of the partners usually males generally agree to live together to fulfill sexual urge covertly and express deep love and affection overtly. It is this reason why such females get mentally stressed when they elope with such people without permission of their parents or family members. My study revealed that nearly 95% of such couple separate before celebrating their tenth anniversary.

When a regional film star who was living as a couple without marriage was admitted in a hospital with over 90% burns in Ahmedabad city in India, I was once keen to know as to why a celebrity has met such a tragic end? Although her partner continues to deny all allegations of differences; but the neighbors painted a totally unusual picture. Permanent couple living together from long time but they were generally disturbed and unhappy. After interacting with large number of such other couples, I conclude that: –

othough decision to stay together is of both but generally woman undergoes severe mental stress after divorcing her family and relatives:

oif woman is not working she becomes dependent on male and that she becomes captive in the name of love;

oas most of the Asians do not approve such couples, the female's parents, relatives and close friends break all relationships with her;

oFamilies generally remain attached to single male sex syndrome because it remains faithful but when such males find that their sexual game is fulfilled they are beginning to create situations and forcing females to hate her partner.

oOver 55% females become financially dependent on males if not working then their days of miseries remark immediately.

oChildren of such couples are still not welcomed in general society and are still called Harraami or Bastards, thus, always keeping couples under mental stress.

oOver 80% males create unhappy situations at home under one pretext or the other to keep woman under duress. As woman has already been cut off from her family, she really becomes slave but without any one knowing.

oAs men get early adjusted with sex and lust games with such females, they begin to search for another woman the moment her partner conceives.

As the body of a woman is giving birth, therefore, I consider her body to be pious. It is true that the LON and LICAP concept are two different ways of marriages and both have plenty of merits and demerits but Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad and all Hindu epics do not recognize any child born out of socially recognized weddings. If it is true than there is a need to decide by my woman as to what type of children she wants to deliver to the world. As virginity is considered the true sign of piouscity, I hope my woman would support my views and maintain her position as such out side the preview of sex and lust.

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S Kalpna Sharma

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