Judge Not Lest You Be Judged in the Same Way That You Judged – Matthew 7: 1-2

We live in a world, where so many people do not have unconditional love for others. So many people judge another person and do not accept them and love them simply because there is something about them that they do not like. Jesus says just as we judged, with the same measure we will also be judged.


Matthew 7: 1-2 (New King James Version) 1 "Judge not, that you will not be judged. 2 For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you .

I have a pastor who is a woman in the Salvation Army. She is one of the finest Christians I have met in my life. It does not matter if you are a homeless drunk, a love sick sex addict, a transsexual, or a gay, she loves you just as much as the Christians that are living righteous animals. She just does not judge anyone and loves people with the love of Jesus constantly waiting for the time when if you have a problem that you will come to her and confess that you want to change.

Our church is half full of people who used to have addictions or are in addictions. We have transsexuals that worship God, a gay rights lesbian activist, people who are street kids. Yes we have a church half full of hi-ways and bi-ways people. We are unique in our city of Sydney simply because our church is full of people the typical middle class Christian church would reject and snub.

I know a few prophets in training that get quite angry that repentance is not preached in our church, but just the grace of God each week. Three of those prophets in training have come and gone since I have been there for three years, and they did so judging the church and being offended, without realizing that Jesus used to hang around drunks and prostitutes also.

Sixteen years ago I was approached by what I assumed was an alcoholic homeless man in the middle of winter. He asked if I had and money that I could give him. I had five dollars and could have given him two dollars if I went to a shop and changed my note, but I said to myself, "He is only a drunk that is homeless and I could not be bothered going to the effort for him Just to get drunk again. "

As soon as I said I had no money and lied to him he left me and walked down the mall. Within a second of him leaving my side, Jesus said to me, "What you do to the least of my brethren you do unto me." Heavily denied I ran after the drunk and when I got to where he should have been he had totally disappeared.

I found out a year later from Jesus that he was angel sent to test me.

I was sad and I walked up the mall toward home. I said to Jesus, "I am sorry Jesus." Jesus replied, "You not only lied to that man, but you judged him. You have to learn not to judge people Matthew."

Years later I had still not learned my lesson when I refused another homeless man some money by saying to myself, "Why does not he get his act together and get off the street."

Weeks later I was kicked out of a house I was living in with only five dollars in my pocket and 12 days till my next pension day. I was now homeless myself. I had been judged just like I had judged.

This scripture we are talking about is a promise by Jesus. If we judge people, we will be judged just the same. It is a lot easier life without bad judgments coming against us if we learn to live in love like my pastor.

How is a gay person ever going to become a Christian and leave them life of sin if we do not love and accept them as they are when we meet them? None of us are perfect. We all have sin in our life and we have all been forgiven a huge debt of sin so far, and if we are cordial and loving to a gay person, over time that person may decide that they want to change their lifestyle.

You have heard the cliche before, "People do not want to know what you have to say until they know how much you care." At our church that is lived out.

We need to love people warts and all to use another cliche.

Jesus was like that to us. We were dirty sinners before he saved us. We often forget how bad we were before we were converted. Do not the people that are unsaved and the Christians do not like deserve the same love and grace from us?

Be Blessed

Matthew Robert Payne

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Matthew Robert Payne

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