LGBT activists clash with anti-gay protesters; police make arrests

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1. LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) rights activist holding gay rights banner before he is attacked by an anti-gay activist
2. Anti-gay activist being taken away by police
3. LGBT activist being taken away by police and being put into a police vehicle
4. LGBT activists holding up gay rights rainbow flag before police take them away
5. Gay rights activist being arrested
6. SOUNDBITE (Russian) LGBT activist (no name given)
“I think that it is necessary for people to come out and do it publicly and say that they are gay. Sorry, I’m nervous. So that those people stop hiding. I think that publicity will save society from homophobia.”
7. Police pull activist away after speaking to the media
8. Various of LGBT activist being arrested
9. Various of woman reading aloud from the Bible
10. Close of Alexander, anti gay activist (last name not given)
11. SOUNDBITE (Russian) Alexander (last name not given), anti-gay activist:
“It (homosexuality) is absolutely not our idea. Those people are not Russian. In Russia, people are clean and orderly. But these people (referring to gay people) are dirty.”
(Reporter: “But they have always been in our society.”)
“Yes, they were, but they were hiding, because it was shameful.”
12. Wide of State Duma
Gay rights activists and anti-gay activists clashed on Saturday during an unauthorised gay rally near the State Duma in the centre of the Russian capital Moscow.
Several activists were arrested.
One LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) activist said it was important to be open about being gay, as “publicity will save society from homophobia.”
Anti-gay activists also gathered near the rally and read passages from the Bible purporting to show that homosexuality is a sin.
One anti-gay rights activist said that being gay was not Russian and described it as “dirty.”
Last year, the Russian parliament banned all gay parades and they are expected to pass a bill banning any “propaganda that promotes homosexuality.”
Russia decriminalised homosexuality in 1993, but homophobia remains strong throughout the country.

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