Liberalism is a Disease – Jon McNaughton

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I like to paint pictures that express how I feel about what is happening in America.
We have a disease. It’s infecting every aspect of our society and it’s time we did something about it. Some of these people I really like and some I don’t, but for the sake of our health, our children and our sanity, we need to take drastic action quickly.
What if we could bring them all together, put them on a deserted island and quarantine them for say a hundred years? They believe they have all the answers to everything. But every liberal idea I’ve ever seen has led to total failure. If they were right, their new island home would be a utopia before long. Let’s look at the most liberal communities in the country. New York City, Detroit, Chicago…how are they doing? Yes, I say let’s quarantine them and let nature take its course.

You might have this disease if you believe:

We should remove guns from law-abiding citizens who have a right to protect themselves, and leave them in the hands of criminals who will acquire the firearms illegally anyway they can. How many gun-free zones do you know that have low murder rates?

The same liberals who are trying to save us, turn around and demand abortion rights for women at the expense of over 53 million human lives.

Raise the national debt to meet the continued demand for welfare and entitlement spending at the expense of our country’s economic future.

Fight a war against terrorism without identifying who the enemy is because of political correctness and then allow illegal aliens to cross the border by the millions.

Provide kid glove treatment to Islamic radicals and unfriendly regimes and then show religious intolerance to Jews and Christians.

Allow a minority of Gay Rights Activists to dictate the definition of marriage and force Christians to comply.

Use environmentalism to thwart the energy interests of Americans at a time of great financial stress and national security.

McNaughton Answers to Liberal Questions:

Why are you making fun of these people?
Most of my paintings are serious in nature, (although liberals find them amusing) this one is more of a satire. This means to me, that although it is humorous on the surface, the underlying message is very serious. Liberals use humor relentlessly as a tool to suppress conservative ideas. As always, if my paintings can cause someone to think about or debate the serious issues, it was successful.

Are you selling prints of this?
No, there are copyright restrictions. There are some things more important than money. My hope is to help people wake up to effects of liberalism in America.

Do you think all liberals are bad?
Well, yes, but I’m talking about their ideologies, which are destructive. I have many liberal friends. I know many good people that for some unfortunate reason are infected by the disease.

How did you decide whom to include in the painting?
I chose well-known liberals in different fields that influence Americans every day. There are many more who I could have included that I think are spreading the disease. Perhaps, some liberals will be pleased if they were included in the painting; like a “badge of honor.”

Why is Satan in the painting? Are you saying these people are Satanic??
I don’t know that. Perhaps most of them are just deceived. Satan is what I call the “Number One Liberal.” Liberalism is about control. Satan wants to promise you everything in exchange for your freedom. He uses lies; deceit and compulsion to have you do his bidding. In the end, you are left with nothing. How has any liberal idea ever ended well? It is instant satisfaction at the expense of your soul. Yes, liberalism is a disease.

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