Lizzo CLAPS BACK After Being Accused Of Using Her Body For Attention!

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If there’s anyone who knows how to unapologetically be herself and call out the trolls of the world, it’s Lizzo, and we love her for it.

What’s up guys? It’s Dani Golub here with Clevver News and with so much happening on social media it’s easy for some things to get buried. But some news just came across my desk and I’ve got to say, it confirms that Lizzo’s DNA test was in fact, 100% accurate.

Lizzo posted a screenshot of someone sliding into her DMs with a video of the singer twerking with several other women.

The person said quote, “Lol I don’t mind this. It’s when she talks all ghetto I don’t like. And what’s with her talking about woman power but doing the exact opposite by objectifying them by only using her body to get attention. Isn’t that defeating the purpose lol.”

It’s pretty clear to me that whoever sent this message meant to DM it to a friend. Or if they intended for it to go to Lizzo.. Well they weren’t ready for her CLAP BACK!

And Lizzo put the message on blast bye sharing a screenshot of the DMs on her Instagram.

Because she’s Lizzo and even when someone tries to put her down, she just continues living her best life.

Lizzo hilariously captioned the post with a play on one of her song lyrics from her song Juice saying quote, “Somebody come get this girl, I think she got lost in my DMs…”

And fans are flooding the comment section coming to Lizzo’s defense.

One person wrote quote,“I hate when people think it’s okay to use “ghetto” to discriminate against people.”

And another said quote, “Imagine thinking women shouldn’t embrace the love they have for THEIR OWN BODIES..smh”

And these two commenters are totally in line with Lizzo’s entire message.

Yaaas Lizzo.

Part of owning your power means doing what you want with your body, AND respecting what others do with theirs, even if it isn’t what you’d necessarily do.

So regardless of what the trolls think of Lizzo, she knows what her intentions are and owns them.

She recently told Essence magazine quote, “I’m doing this for myself. I love creating shapes with my body, and I love normalizing the dimples in my butt or the lumps in my thighs or my back fat or my stretch marks. … I think it’s beautiful.”

And that is certainly a message we can get on board with.

But I want to know what you guys think.

Do you think the DM troll actually meant to send that message to Lizzo? And what do you think of Lizzo’s response?

Let me know what you think of all this down in the comments below.

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