London Gay Community – Gay Bars and Hotels in London

London's gay community offers a copious range of gay bars. At the heart of London is the hustle and bustle of the trendy gay man's haunt, Soho. There are many gay bars located here with rainbow flags a-plenty, welcoming all.

However, perhaps you are looking to get away for the weekend, and what better way to unwind after a week's work than by the sea in Brighton. Mingle amongst Brighton's gay community and the host of gay bars available. Go and lap up the delicious diversity, visiting a great number of stylish bars in and around St James street, nestled just in amongst Brighton's famous 'lanes'.

Gay Bars and Pubs in London

When you think gay bars you think Soho. The trendy gay haunt is synonymous with gay night-life. Revelers are spoiled for choice with buzzing, busy bars- perfect for meeting someone new or painting the town pink.

The opening times are generally rather handy with bars and pubs opening from Monday to Saturday 11 am-11pm, closing half an hour earlier on a Sunday.

However, if you are looking to broaden your horizons away from Soho, look no further than North London. Stylishly catering for the ever thriving gay community, this side of the water offers diversity from Gritty Camden, to up-market Islington or even swanky Hampstead. Trendy bars on offer include:

O The Black Cap- Named Bar of the year in Boyz Magazine on frequent occasions, the illustrious venue offers party nights with chic décor and a large roof terrace.

O Blush- Situated in Stoke Newington, the mixed café bar has a great deal to offer, from Sunday Roasts to competitive quiz nights.

O Central Station Kings Cross- This beauteous 3 floor venue has a cruisy late night basement bar, ideal for meeting other gay men.

Gay Dating

Gay Dating is fun, and hey why should not it be? But although you are looking to reach a new level with your partner, past courting? However, there are a number of considerations before taking dating to the next level. Perhaps consider the following:

O Do you have an equal say in how the relationship is going? Are your opinions heard?

O Compatibility- Do you get along and have fun together. Does your boyfriend enjoy the same things as you? Of course they do not have to be in to everything you are into, but do complete opposites really attract?

O Power and Control- You should be your own person, and should never have to ask permission to do anything in your life. If you are being controlled, then you should get out of the relationship.

Gay Hotels

There is a generous range of gay hotels in and around the capital, catering for every requirement. Style and Elegance is accounted for in London's affluent Mayfair District, offering an extensive range of 5 * luxury. Taking its name from the 15 day long fair that takes place annually, the prosperous area delivers a number of skyscraper hotels, located close to London's Hyde Park.
Gay Restaurants

If you are looking to eat out, rest assured, London knows what it is all about! With an ample selection of restaurants and cafés, all of which are strictly gay friendly, you'll be spoiled for choice. Why not try any of the following:

O First out cafe bar-Central
O Balans-Soho
O Rock Garden
O Shadow Lounge

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