Mafia Wars Guide – Find Out the Best Attack and Defense Strategies

I’m pretty sure you play Mafia Wars. Who doesn’t nowadays? Just so you know, people who are into Mafia Wars are considered as cool and hip in the internet world. Unless you have something to show, people won’t notice your existence – you must exhibit what you got and it better be good. In this dog eat dog, nay, gangster kill gangster world, you will need the most effective Mafia Wars guide to keep you one step ahead of the competition and your rivals 2 steps behind you.

I don’t claim I have the most effective Mafia Wars strategy guide in the whole world but, I have something good that I can share to you. All of these tips are related to attacking and defending in the game. So, sit back and learn!

The Equipments are Important

In the mean and bad underworld, what equipment you have can make a huge difference. If you seek of winning more attacks, you have to provide your members with nothing but the best. Besides, those guarding you are only as strong as the accessories you give them. Better go for vehicles, weapons and armors that have the highest ratings in terms of defense. Keep in mind that likelihood of you winning a fight are high after you have improved your average attack rating.

Strategize to Eliminate Players that Wish to Attack you

Do not waste your stamina putting effort on how to eliminate people who want to attack you. A much better move would be to allot 1 stamina point and kill them on a hit list. You won’t have to do it yourself if somebody else can do it for you. For only $10,000 somebody out there will be more than happy to eliminate your attacker. Not only do you get to save your stamina; you also eliminate competitors and send out the signal that you are not to be screwed with. In the end, because you aren’t doing the attacks anymore, you can save your experience points and a lot them for defense which may result to getting higher statistics through the entire game.

Level Up as Fast as Possible

Level up at fast speed is the right way of avoiding targets again and again. You’re to some degree guarded against nonstop attacks once you are out of the lower level. The competitors that are surrounding you waiting for a chance to outsmart you won’t have much opportunity as you move on to a higher level. Get out of the lower levels as quickly as possible.

In case you hadn’t thought of these things previously and like these guidelines, you will know the worth of a great Mafia Wars strategy and leveling guide. There will be an evident difference after you will play the game with the aid of a guide like Tony Saunder’s Mafia Wars Blueprint. This effective Mafia Wars guide can help you become a recognized Mafia Wars player. You’ll be feared in the underworld and given a large berth by fellow gangsters who won’t think of messing around with you even in their dreams.

The techniques suggested by Tony Saunders aren’t illegal and they are not hacks. These are just a few strategies that can help you be of advantage among others. Some of them are even very simple that you might wonder how come you didn’t think of them earlier. Well, Saunders has prepared the tips for you, have a copy of his guide, play the game with confidence and win.

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