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The introduction of the internet and the World Wide Web has brought about new methods of communication- online communication, consisting of: e-mails, voice messages, online discussion forums, and instant messaging although various chat messengers such as Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Skype , and many more.

Such forms of online communication have opened the doors of the global village to everyone and anyone who has a computer with an access to the internet. With these new communication tools, meeting a lot of people worldwide is no longer an impossible task indeed. As a result, making online friends in the virtual world seems to be one of the most recent hobby that people have developed.

Unlike engaging in a personal conversation, most forms of online communication lacks the aid of non-verbal languages ​​that may be relevant in establishing and maintaining friendships. These include gestures, body language, and facial expressions. So, if you are planning to make friends online, here are some tips that you may want to consider:

1. Look for online friends that may have similar interests. A particular way to do such is by searching online chat rooms or discussion forums about certain topics that may interest you.

2. When you join online chat rooms, keep in mind that you will have to introduce yourself before you start engaging in a conversation. Begin with a greeting.

3. In order to add a certain degree of "feelings" on your messages, consider using images or emoticons. These can emphasize what your message exactly means.

4. If you can, try to avoid giving a message in a sarcastic tone. Such may often lead to misunderstandings.

5. In participating in online discussion forums, be sure that you understand the context of a certain conversation before you join the thread.

6. Consider changing the color or the style of the font to emphasize certain points in your message. Using capital letters to stress something can also be effective.

7. Avoid discussing a variety of topics at the same time. Tackle your chosen subjects one by one in order to avoid confusion.

8. Consider reviewing your message before you actually send it to someone. Other than in online forums, bear in mind that online communication provides no opportunities for amendments. Consider that whatever you send will be immediately published online, especially in the case of chat messaging.

9. In online discussion forums, take note that you have to be extra careful in posting your replies. In responding to a particular part (ie a specific sentence or paragraph) of one's message, it will be best to quote that part of the text in your response, along with the name of the person who posted such.

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