Male Mindset – How to Be the Woman Every Man Wants to Marry

Most women know or have known a women that all the guys seemed attracted to. This women may not have been the sexiest, funniest or smartest but there was something about her that made men stand up and take notice. When they would walk into a room the guys just seemed to gravitate towards them. If you were to ask her she would probably be hard pressed to explain why guys were attracted to her but there would be no denying the fact that they were.

If you have always wanted to be this type of women you are in luck. There are certain traits and ways of acting that make women more attractive to men and allow them to choose from many suitors before finally settling down with Mr Right. Once you know what these women are doing consciously or unconsciously you can began to mimic these actions. Within a short time you will be amazed at how men react to you in a much more positive way.

Contrary to what some of us women might think guys are human and can get down at times. A women who is positive and uplifting can be a real turn on to a guy. Girl’s you don’t have to be the life of the party, just be positive. A smile and a genuine laugh goes a long way.

Guys, especially the kind that are good dating and marriage material like a girl that is confident. They don’t want a girl who likes to be told what to do or that hangs on their every word. This isn’t high school. Guys enjoy the company of a women who feels confident in who she is and what she stands for.

You’re okay, but if you don’t feel the same I can deal with it. This attitude will absolutely drive most men wild. A man that knows a women has many options is much more likely to be attracted to such a women. A women that can create her own contentment and happiness is a turn on to men. It factors into the confident and exciting quality that endears many men to such a women.

While men like to be around women that are happy, confident and exciting men also are attracted to women who they know appreciate them and their attempts to please them. Since the beginning of time men, at least the good and noble ones have been honor bound to please and care for women. It is hard wired into their makeup. Letting a man know that you appreciate all the things he does for you no matter how small they are makes him feel good and greatly increases the odds he will find you to be the type of women that he wants to be with.

Learning how to nurture a natural and lasting attraction with a man is not that difficult once you learn how to use common situations with men that will make him feel you are the perfect women for him.

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Vivian Booth

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