Man Was Born With a Three-Headed Penis – Circumcision is Hellbent on Slaughtering It

The medical procedure for Male Circumcision is defined as surgically removing the foreskin from the penis. This typically happens shortly after birth. This, quite literally, destroys two heads of the penis from a neuro-sensory perceptive point of view.

There are plenty of pro-circumcision as well as anti-circumcision groups. The medical community (who profits handsomely from circumcision) wants everyone to think it is great and a necessity. The anti-circumcision group (who are not benefitting monetarily from circumcision) are against circumcision.

If one starts to look at the anatomy and function of the foreskin, one can only marvel at its impressive functions. We won’t go into all aspects of this now, but we will discuss one important part. Believe it or not, from a sensory perspective, Man was born with Three Heads to his Penis. Does this seem bizarre…? You’re probably wondering if I’m wearing my tin-foil hat and wearing my Batman cape and mask to write this… Perhaps, I do seem a bit crazy; but let’s try to explore this statement regarding three-penile heads and see what we can come up with.

The most sensitive and most nerve-rich portions of the penis are the glans (head), frenulum, and foreskin. Of all three, the frenulum and foreskin are the most nerve sensitive and rich. In fact, the frenulum and foreskin contain very specialized sensory nerves that the rest of the penis, including the head, does not have.

Let’s back up a bit and discuss the frenulum as a lot of people are unfamiliar with this structure. It is located at the bottom of the penis, just behind the penile head. It is a small, pyramidal-type structure. It aids in helping contract (retract) the foreskin from the head of the penis. We won’t discuss it for now, but it’s an important and interesting anatomical structure that men (and women) should be keenly aware of.

Back to the Three-Headed Penis:

Consider your penile head to be the Main Head of your Penis. Even though it has less sensory nerves, it still makes up a large portion of the physical structure of your penis; for this reason we will call it the Main Penile Head.

If you are circumcised, this means that the foreskin, which covers the penile head, has been removed. It is gone.

As an uncircumcised man, if you have vaginal sex with a woman, what happens from a sensory-neural standpoint? The inner vaginal walls compress and rub against the skin of the penis. This friction/stimulation is pleasurable for the male and hopefully will lead to orgasm.

To recap: A man with a circumcised penis will have only the skin of the penis stimulated by the interior of the vagina during sex.

However, the man who has a foreskin has what…?

Let’s see… Anatomically the foreskin, typically, covers the entire head of the penis when it is not retracted.

This means that the foreskin has the same surface area as the head of the penis. It means that they are comparable in their ability to perceive pleasure. However, as a side note, the foreskin has many more pleasure-receptive nerve endings than the Main Head of the Penis — But let’s ignore that for now.

Here’s the deal…

We discussed that a circumcised man’s penis (the skin) will be stimulated during intercourse by the inner walls of the vagina.

However, if you are uncircumcised things are much different.

The inner lining of the foreskin will be in contact with the head of the penis during intercourse. It will move back and forth on the penile head to stimulate the nerve receptors on the penile head. BUT THE PENILE HEAD WILL STIMULATE THE NERVE RECEPTORS ON THE INNER LINING OF THE FORESKIN, TOO.

This is Head Number Two. This is because the surface area of the foreskin is the same as the penile head and is rich in nerve receptors. It doesn’t have the PHYSICAL status of the Main Penile Head, but has the same sensory-receptor ability.

So far, we have The Main Head of the Penis as Head Number One and the inner lining of the Foreskin as Head Number Two.

However, during sex the interior of the vagina is also in contact with the OUTER SURFACE OF THE FORESKIN. You see, this is Head Number Three.

This means that a man with a circumcised penis will only have the Main Penile Head (the glans) stimulated during sex.

However, the man who is uncircumcised and has his foreskin has what?

He has the inside surface of his foreskin to be stimulated – This is Head Number Two. Remember the underside of the foreskin has the same surface area to be stimulated as the Main Head of the Penis.

He also has the outside portion of the foreskin to be stimulated – This is Head Number Three. Like the inner lining of the foreskin, this also has the same surface area as the Main Head of the Penis.

So what happens when circumcision is performed?

It Eliminates Head Number Two and Head Number Three!

Literally, circumcision converts a penis that has three heads of potential stimulation and pleasure and just leaves the Main Head behind. Instead of a Trio of Sexual Pleasure, the circumcised man is left with a one-man band.

What’s even worse, is that the Main Head of the Penis is mainly composed of basic free nerve endings. They are NOT highly specialized and are mainly utilized for heat, temperature, pain, and deep vibration.

However, the sensory receptors of the foreskin and much more sensitive, much more pleasurable, and much more specialized.


A Man with a Circumcised Penis has what Type of Penile Head Sensation:

1) Vaginal to Penis Head.

A Man with an Uncircumcised Penis has what Type of “Penile” Head Sensation:

1) Penile Head from Inner Foreskin Stimulation.

2) Inner Foreskin Stimulation from Penile Head.

3) Vaginal to Outer Foreskin Stimulation.

Now, ask yourself if you think Circumcision Doesn’t Decrease Penis Sensitivity and Pleasure?

Of course it DOES.

Do not let anyone, I don’t care if they are a scientist, doctor, priest, super-hero, celebrity, or even a penis magician, tell you otherwise.

The reality of Male Circumcision and its monstrous and barbaric results are down-right terrifying in a world where medicine is supposedly so evolved and all-knowing. Male Circumcision destroys a minimum of 200% extra penile-head pleasure and stimulation during sex.

For those men who are circumcised, and even for men who are uncircumcised, there are methods that can help increase your penile sensitivity. To learn some methods of increasing your penile sensitivity, read IRON MAN PENIS – THE RUSSIAN SYSTEM.


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