Marriage and Divorce Trends Discussed

There are many trends we are constantly watching in America regarding marriage. We watch how many kids are born out of wedlock, how many divorces there are and now we are seeing a new emerging trend. That is the gay and lesbian community movement to make gay marriage legal.

Unfortunately there is a problematic fringe element with in the gay and lesbian community, which is completely vocal and even goes farher than that with threats, slander and even extortion type tactics. But when an activist in the gay and lesbian community is approached on this subject they often say things like;

"In fact, if you do study trends, you know that social change is most often created by" the fringe "."

Indeed a fringe creates synergy and the synergy follows creating a trend. But the fringe also can be a downfall or create a negative trend. (Negative from your perspective, positive from the Christian Hard Right). I kind of am wondering why the G & L Community is allowing the combative, threatening, slandering and lawbreaking Homosexual fringe to help the Christian Right deny the G & L Community their goal.

So my comments are relevant. Just read any Blog thread on the gay marriage divorce and you will see some very angry people on the other side too, mostly due to their Biblical belief systems or religious leaders telling them what to think. Never mindless, I can see it all plain as day, maybe because it does not affect me. Controversy and Chaos and all the mass media hysteria of sound and fury in between is of course interesting, but in the end looks silly considering the obvious future of it all. The gay fringe is fighting back and the Christian right is not letting up. Let's hope we do not get any more reverse hate crimes? Consider this in 2006.

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Lance Winslow

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