Marriage, Christianity and the Natural Organic Whole Foods Lifestyle

"After 25+ years of marriage there was not anything worth saving" she said. There was no infidelity or other abuse on either side it was just a matter of who was going to be in charge, him or her. I could see that she was very determined to end everything and so, while she was speaking, I watched her son to see how he was reacting to this. He hated it and it was obvious to everyone but his mother. I could see that his mom and dad's divorce was teasing him up. This was not healthy for him. She, on the other hand, could not figure out why he was not seeing the benefit of all this.

When it comes to being healthy in the natural, organic, whole foods community then eating is not the start and finish line to this lifestyle. Of course, everyone I speak to is always speaking of commitment to the natural, organic and whole foods way of life but what good is that if our relationships are in the trash can. If our body is good and we are always consuming natural, organic and whole foods but ours and our children's emotions are a wreck how can this be healthy?

One of the bad old ideas that come along as America switched its religion from Christianity to Materialism (in general modernism and postmodernism) was the dumping of marriage and monogamy in favor of sexual exploitation of any and every partner that would consent. The "no commitment" arrangement was said to be better and preferred. The natural, organic, whole foods community has not escaped this curse.

Of course this begs the question as to whether the "no commitments" style of life, consenting to any and every sexual relationship, is better for us all? Is there a better more healthy way for mankind to survive than "Christian Marriage" traditionally known the way God made it as, male, female, life time, monogamous relationships. Or, is the natural, organic, whole foods way of living primary, we only need to concern ourselves with what we eat. Also we must ask if there is there a better way for a society in the training of children than a Christian family relationships.

I submit that history shows that the Christian Standard is the primary standard for success in all of life. Christian stewardship is in many ways what the natural, organic, whole foods lifestyle requires because it keeps us healthy and fit, but this is not all. I would further submit that all of western society, the greatest, freest, most prosperous societies of history were all Christian and they became great because of their Christianity. If we contradict Eastern mysticism societies, Hindu, Islam any other society none can compare in health, wealth, and freedom as Christian society. By contrast all societies who knew not Christianity or who have forsaken Christianity are destroyed. The natural, organic, whole foods society will be destroyed also if it also falls away from the christian truth and so will western society.

Darrell W. Ross Senior Editor & CEO, Harvest Source Whole Foods Journal

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Darrell W. Ross

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