Married Men Into Gay Casual Sexual Encounters

In a three year non-scientific survey conducted by Coach Scott of thousands men who enter the many gay chat rooms or message boards with the intent to meet another man for casual sex now combine over thirty percent of all these men seeking a no strings attached sexual encounter.

The reasons are many and vary from each person, but he is most common comments from men ages 26-50 were (in no particular order of importance) the need for sex, the need for man-to-man sex, the need to be discreet , the need to not feel like he was cheating (with a women he would feel like he was cheating), the need to be penetrated, need to be submissive, the need to live out a fetish and the need to learn from other men.

In over ninety-five percent of the men surveyed, they described their love and relationship with their spouse as excellent. The men who are in these gay casual encounters are not living in bad relations. In the opinion of Coach Scott, the wife who should be concerned is the one living in a great relationship.

The specific details of the survey and clues for a spouse are disclosed in detail at []. A good relationship requires communication. If you talk about it, everything will be great!

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Scott Beckman

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