Meet the Biggest 3 Bodybuilding Mistakes and Their Solution

How long have you been working in the gym to get the body you dream of and it’s not working out for you?

How much money did you spend on supplements?

How amazing would it be to have an evident and huge change on your body within less than a month?

How much would you give in exchange of knowing the biggest mistakes you’re making which are preventing you from having the perfect body?

In the next lines I’m going to be revealing how to pack on and keep 21 pounds of pure muscle in 8 weeks, quickly, safely and permanently… And more important it’s trusted information from one of the best nutritionist in the world.

So let’s skip the long premises and get to the point:

Your first step to do is to avoid the mistakes you’re making right now.

The biggest 3 bodybuilding mistakes that you’re making:

Warning: what you’re about to read might contradict everything that you’ve ever heard or learned about bodybuilding nutrition.

Mistake #1

The (I eat healthy) approach.

I know what you’re thinking ‘what? you’re saying I shouldn’t eat healthy food? )… Well that’s not what I meant, I mean you’re not a nutritionist, actually some people eat certain food thinking that it’s good to their diet but the truth is the opposite of that.

So your solution is to find a good nutritionist and contact him personally (don’t download E-book or any of these staff… actually that’s our second mistake) and get a step by step program with him.

Mistake #2

Following meal plans from books magazines or online reports.

And that’s for a really 3 simple reasons:

1- They are not truly customized for you (your body type, you work schedule and your weight training routine).

2- Because they use out dated science ( they ignore the 2 anabolic windows which are responsible for 84% of your muscle growth )

3- They are not exact ( in short: when you see a fixed number of calories to take, that means it’s not fixed for you only, and there is a pretty big possibility that it won’t work for you )

So to avoid all this, don’t give these reports and books a glance and follow professional program made only for you.

Mistake #3

Bulk then cut.

It’s scientifically proved that this approach gives the opposite result of its goal; it gives more fat and less muscle in the long run.

So forget about bulking first.

And now after you’ve learned your biggest three mistakes, I’ll leave you with your solution and it’s (a truly customized, unique, anabolic approach to nutrition).

This approach has to customize everything about you:

1- Your age

2- Your weight

3- Your height

4- Your metabolism

5- Your somatotype ( your body type )

6- Your weight training regime

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