Mennonites & Gay Marriage

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Just my opinion on something that has been up for discussion for a while now in the Mennonite church. Let me know what you think in the comments, I guess.


Hey guys. I’m back again with another one of those “serious” videos or whatever. Really this is just something Mennonite related that I wanted to talk about. Sorry that this is a little out of doubt (the issue of The Canadian Mennonite that I mention is from a month or so back) I filmed this a few weeks ago and just recently worked it into my upload schedule. Hope you enjoy!

By the way, I mention in the video that I may eventually talk more about my thoughts on homosexuality and the bible and such, and that may be coming soon in the form of a Ask A Mennonite (Serious Edition) video. So if you’d like to see that, again, let me know. Also, if you have any questions for me about Mennonite stuff, please leave them in the comments as well!

My personal views and opinions on the Mennonite church creating a stance on same-sex marriage, divisiveness in the church, and agreeing to disagree.

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