Men’s Ties – Casual to Classic

Men’s ties evolve with the dynamic fashion trends. In the past, men wore long ties with broader ends. It was soon outdated and was modishly replaced by the thinner and shorter ones. Technology also plays a vital role in the men’s ties trends. There are now quite a number of designs, thousands of colors and prints, various styles to choose from, that men simply have to think of a design they want and it is easily available.

A lot of men take very careful considerations when choosing a tie, just like how a woman would choose her jewelries and accessories. Men’s ties may just be a strip of cloth for some, but many men consider it just like a badge of their taste. So they are very careful in their choices of size, shape, color and the material of the tie. Most men find it acceptable to wear their ties just above their waistline, and the shape should not be too broad or too thin. But most recently, thin men’s ties are gaining back its popularity in the fashion industry, where celebrities and politicians are mostly seen wearing thin ties.

This kind of men’s ties is called skinny ties and are mostly used in a casual manner, or if used in a formal event, worn very conservatively. Most lean men prefer wearing skinny ties because it gives them a more streamlined look. Preppy and college boys also prefer wearing thin men’s ties, and most of them wear this kind of ties to parties and events, often with different designs and patterns. The best selling color of any kind of tie, more so with skinny ties, is black. Of course being the most classic and versatile color, it can easily be matched to any suit or attire combination.

There are also men’s ties with embedded designs, monograms and regimental colors. These are popular in schools and country clubs. They are a bit wider at the bottom and sometimes resplendent with a variety of colors. If you are looking for the right preppy tie for you, then there are numerous websites that offer catalogues where you can choose your preferences from. These websites allow you to mix and match, and compare ties until you find what you’re looking for.

When shopping for men’s ties, it is important to choose the best materials available to you. Silk is the most preferred by many, and also Irish Poplin. These fabrics are really durable, and if cost is not an issue, then it is highly recommended to choose these materials to bring out your excellent taste.

The first thing of course to put in mind when choosing men’s ties is when and where and with what are you going to wear it. Your tie is the main accent of your attire, and should reflect your personality and your taste. You can choose to be unique and eclectic; you can also choose to be simple and safe. No matter what your choices are, though, always remember your tie says a lot of things about you.

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