Men’s Traditional Garbs and Their Modern Day Interpretations

In India, men have a lot of outfit ideas to choose from as compared to other countries of the world. Here, one can come across a wide range of garments for men like those classic dhoti kurtas, pathani and the basic pajama kurta. Just the way women in India dress up in an ornate way, men here also imitate popular trends in traditional fashion. Also, the styles portrayed for South India’s men are completely different from what a North Indian man would be seen wearing. Here we take a look at different styles of traditional clothing for Indian men and how these are being adapted in contemporary times.


For centuries together, the basic lungi has served as the most preferred form of clothing for majority of Indian mean. It is also considered to be a significant part of the country’s attire. It is usually seen worn by men of South India, though one can see people wearing it in different forms across the country. It essentially remains a rectangular piece of fabric that is tied around the waist and well knotted. Many people argue that lungi should be categorized as informal clothing, but this is not the case in many regions of the country. One can see several celebrities and even politicians wearing this classic piece of garment.

Dhoti Kurta

Just like lungi, even dhoti kurta enjoys immense popularity with majority of the male population in India. This is an easy to carry traditional outfit that is equally popular in all parts of the country. Also, one can see it being worn in different ways in different states and cities of India. So, someone from the south of India would be seen wearing a dhoti kurta in a completely different way as someone from the north of India. As we all know, the plain white dhoti kurta was popularized by Mahatma Gandhi. In some parts of the country, men wear a traditional tunic with the dhoti and this whole garb is termed as dhoti kurta.

Though lungi and the dhoti kurta remain the primary forms of traditional wear for Indian men, the present generation is always willing to experiment and does not shy away from trying out exciting variations of traditional styles. One can see a lot of Indian fashion designers coming up with their own versions of these classic Indian outfits for men. Chic Nehru jackets, Jodhpuri pants and dhoti pants are some of the modern-day spin-offs of traditional wear that we get to see on the ramp and the street.

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