Men's Traditional Wedding Apparel

Weddings have already been part of every country and culture. In many countries weddings are not just a religious practice but as well as a social norm that is rooted in the rich and diverse history of humanity. Every country has its own version of weddings. The celebrations differ in so many ways like the timeframe of the actual ceremony, how long should it take, who take the dominant stance, who's going to spend more money, how lavish a wedding should be, etc. Rituals during the ceremony also differs from culture to culture or from religion to religion. Christian weddings are quite different from the Jews or the Muslim weddings.

But all wedding types share similarities like for instance the objective of the wedding and the dresses and the wedding apparels. In every wedding, one of the most important elements is the wedding dresses, particularly of the brides. For Islam, the Koran speaks about garments that say figuratively of the representation of the spouses to each other. And literally, Muslim wedding celebrations are still being observed with lavishness of clothing. Similar for Christians, the wedding dress is the most anticipated piece of the wedding. It is even considered as the peak back in the celebrations.

But today we are not going to talk about Muslim, Jews, Christian weddings or bridal gowns for that matter but about men's traditional wedding dresses. Here we will focus on the Western traditional wedding apparels.

The Tuxedos / Suits

The main garment that a groom in a wedding wears is the tuxedo, trouser, or suit. Depending on the season or the time the wedding will be a groom may choose between a traditional tux and a suit similar to that of corporates typically usually worn in executive offices. During summer and spring, a traditional tuxedo with under blazer and an elegant ascot tie is good wedding attire. However during fall and winter, it is but imperative to use suit. Because summer and spring weddings are usually done at night, it is good that a black suit or tuxedo should be used. Refrain from using white suits when the wedding is to be done during the night. And, do not don tuxedos when wedding is to be celebrated before 5pm.


There are 3 types of ties that are usually worn during the wedding. Ascot tie is a traditional tie although less formal depending on its design. Ascot tie is preferred because it is not usually used as a daily tie. The bow tie is usually an item of weddings and especially used by the groom and the groomsmen. Make sure that the bow tie is in black. The conventional tie is the most convenient to use among the three. Groom may choose a particular color he and his groomsmen would use for the tie.


Belts are best leather made and congruent with the color of the shoes. Belts are usually used when the groom dons a suit. For tux where a under blazer is use, a suspender is mostly preferred.


Cufflinks are somehow important too. The cufflinks vary in color and in style and each color should only be used at specific time. During the day gold cufflinks are a no-no.


Leather shoes are preferred. However, white and brown leather shoes can also be an option in a daytime wedding. During weddings sneakers is definitely out of place. Also wingtip shoes should also be avoided. Wingtip shoes are often used to the office together with your corporate uniforms.

Modern weddings are now becoming creative and the suggestions above only applies to formal weddings and not on beach weddings or other their thematic ceremonies.

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