Mitt Romney As Vice President?

Do we still remember Mitt Romney? Soon after Romney lost the presidential race, people stopped talking about his capabilities forgetting that he was second in the presidential race not the last one. Many people believe that Romney is much more capable that McCain in certain domains, and thus should be considered for the post of vice president, if not for presidential post. In fact, McCain has no reason to consider Romney as the only best candidate for the vice president post but Romney could prove to be the best.

In many aspects, Romney is much powerful than McCain. For example, McCain has always accepted that he needs to improve his expertise for economical issues, while everyone knows that Romney is very strong in the same. One can not say that McCain knows least about economics, but his viewpoints are somewhat low with his only admirable government.

If we consider the work of Romney in private sector, we can notice that he has proved himself a champion when it comes to economy. His ideas have been breathtaking, budget cutters and corruption eradicators.

Among all the prospective contenders for the vice president post, he is the one who has rare experience of running his own business.

Let us look at what his company, Bain & Co.; a consulting firm, did in 1980s. This company, from the very beginning, worked very hard in that period and established itself in the market with a can-do attitude. Now this company is considered to be a giant consulting company in USA. Romney has also been interested in free trade and shows leadership. In Michigan, he was far more successful that anyone else to attract voters on the basis of free trade. Apart from this, Romney manages to bring talented executive in politics so that the country can be benefited to the maximum. Considering all this, McCain can give our country a better vice president.

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Eshwarya Patel

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