MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts: ENDA Not an Anti-Discrimination Bill, It’s ‘BS Detector for Homophobia’

11/7/13 – MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts joined the hosts of The Cycle on Thursday live from Russia where he is hosting the annual Miss Universe pageant. Robert…
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Democrat Dunbar wants Young's job

Hobby Lobby has galvanized the opposition, Dunbar said. “You're starting to see this extreme — you can't even call it Republicanism — it's corporatism,” he said. “The Democratic Party isn't going to stand for it, Mark Begich isn't going to stand for …
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“No to Homo Agenda”: How evangelicals spread anti-gay hate to Jamaica

MSNBC's Thomas Roberts: ENDA Not An Anti-Discrimination Bill, It's 'BS Detector For Homophobia'

Well, I've done a fair bit of traveling around the region when I worked full-time with Aids-Free World to do training in documenting human rights violations against LGBT people and advocacy to advance the rights of these people. And it was my …
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