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I wrote this on a day with a lot of ennui, in order to have some more poetry in my portfolio. I get a lot of gestalt and circumstance when I'm on the computer, which is the main love of my life nowdays, and I have to work hard to come up with new material in order to create new poems. It's tempting to add a lot of nonsense and non fortuitous circumstances to my material, but I have to transcend such witless behavior and manifest new ideas and formats for my poetry at all times.

My computer fixes a fatal ellipse that time can due erase

It creates new programs of fatality to God of empty place;

As they came to take away the sheets I felt a sad despair

That tho bereft I made my peace and still was everywhere.

The word at online magazines was no humor was allowed

And then everyone said stop being gay – as Hell's a Crowd

Departing slowly, eating a delicious worm where you'll see

The future, the past, the present and rose's code's society.

I killed the time writing poems for a ghost that never meant

When urbane retarded people allowed in brazen banishment;

If logical words could suit me, then I knew I'd look half clad,

Withal acknowledging the feeling I'm ever being O Galahad.

I have to save everyone's lives at great cost to my own loves,

And be the very last nonsense which attempts to vary proofs

That to be or not to be older than the golden feats of Rome;

I know insane society exists solely to invade my happy home.

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Karen S Cole

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