‘N Sync reunites to receive star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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In one of the largest and loudest Walk of Fame ceremonies to date, boy band ‘N Sync reunited to have its name cemented in Hollywood history.
Screaming fans lined the block to catch a glimpse of Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick as the famous fivesome received a star on the legendary boulevard.
The crowd cheered and occasionally broke into song as each member took the stage to thank fans, families and one another.
“These four guys mean so much to me and we really, we’re really a family and the memories that we have and the times that we’ve shared and the families that we’ve built from it. I don’t really think I could put into words how much the four of you mean to me, just through hard times, through unbelievable times, through times where we were going what the… And you know, I just love all of you so much,” said Timberlake before an impromptu group hug.
“Don’t touch me!” joked the “SexyBack” superstar.
Timberlake also praised his mom Lynn Bomar Harless and wife Jessica Biel, who were both on hand for the event.
Speakers Ellen DeGeneres and Carson Daly congratulated the group while throwing playful jabs at bandmate Joey Fatone. At one point, the crowd began chanting Fatone’s name as a show of support.
“Of course the band is made up of the cute one, the bad boy, the sensitive one, the sexy one and Joey,” teased DeGeneres.
Fatone got in on the fun when it was his chance to speak.
“They told me that I wasn’t supposed to speak, but I said screw that! We’re going to talk. So obviously these guys, of course, a million times we’ve said thank you. Of course, if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t be where I am even today. So thank you guys. But you can also see me performing at Chuck E. Cheese next week. It’s really good. It’s a lot of fun,” he joked.
Bass addressed his LGBT fans and explained why he did not come out publicly during the band’s heyday in the late ’90s and early 2000s.
“Growing up in Mississippi in a Southern Baptist church in a town where everyone knows your business, I had a secret. I was gay. And yes, guys I’m gay. I am! And at the time, I thought I’d never be able to tell anyone because not only was I terrified of the lasting rejection, I was certain that it would happen. But more than that, I didn’t want to jeopardize the careers of these guys up here, much less the hundreds of amazing people who worked tirelessly to bring ‘N Sync to the world. I thought if I’d come out, ‘N Sync would be over. So out of fear I kept my secret. And our wildest dreams were coming true and I was so incredibly thankful and I still am. But so many nights on stage I’d see young gay fans singing their hearts out and I wanted so badly to let know I was you. I just didn’t have the strength then. But I do today and so let me say loud and proud to all my LGBT brothers and sisters who embraced me and showed me the way to be who I am, thank you so much,” Bass said.
‘N Sync released its self-titled debut album in the United States in 1998. The group’s hits include “Bye Bye Bye,” ”It’s Gonna Be Me” and “Pop.”
“I just want to thank everyone that was a part of it, everybody that we worked with and everybody that gave their time and energy to us. We tried hard to give us, excuse me, we very tried hard to give you everything that we had. So very humbly, thank you. I appreciate you. We appreciate you,” Chasez said.

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