Name Branding – A Blueprint For Your Attraction Marketing Success

As I observe people’s marketing efforts online, I see some folks truly missing out on the proper use of name branding. They’re not realizing how powerful this is for online success!

See, personal name branding is nothing more than showcasing your company and the person behind the company doing what it is they do on a daily basis. Name branding helps people and companies stand head and shoulders above the competition by demonstrating how it is that they do things completely different from the rest.

Personal name branding helps YOU create credibility and trust. It helpx you to gain more market share when done properly. It’s the ideal way to bring a product or service to the marketplace and establish a working relationship between yourself, your product and your customers.

Remember, the challenge is to stand out out among the competing crowd, even famous names and brands already trying to dominate your marketplace. Therefore, you’ll need to learn how to to draw a readership, a following of trusting persons that believe in you and what you stand for. This is the ticket to growing your successful online business which rewards you generously now and in the future.

Take the example of great leaders in their fields, Oprah and Trump. They’ve created leverage needing hardly the mention of a portion of their names to convey the global recognition of their greatness. These are models of great success in our modern world!

In the online world we have many successful business owners and name brands. Names like Frank Kern, Perry Marshall and Darren Gaudry. One thing they all have in common of course is their BRAND.

Personal branding makes any person stand out from a crowd for uniqueness and a special twist or benefits attached to the products or services they promote. Branding is the power behind their success. Branding will be the power behind yours.

Branding creates long term results as your name keeps reappearing and people begin to relay the experience they take away when dealing with you on a personal level. That’s why it’s important to focus on the positive attributes of branding yourself today.

When you brand yourself remember you’re creating a long term impression. You ‘re creating the masterpiece that when completed cannot be changed, errors will be difficult to erase; therefore, do your very best to give this brand (YOU) a solid & positive reputation from the very start.

Remember the examples of Oprah and Trump who’ve created success on a global scale and world recognition of their greatness.

Name Branding No No’s:

1. No Negativity. How many times do we really stop to analyze our surroundings, including the people we choose to associate with? Do we insist on being around people who are negative, who prevent us from being successful in the work that goes into name branding? Do we insist on being with people who do not believe in us enough to trust that we can be successful? Introspect…

2. Time & Scheduling. You need to pace yourself, set a schedule and prioritize your life. Do not get too distracted by life’s events but do not neglect your loved ones, either. Balance here is an art. Become the artist on the canvas of your life. Introspect…

3. Focus. Know why you are doing this. Focus like a laser beam of light. Successful people can tell you that they know exactly why they do what they are doing. Trump, is a fine example. He focused on what was most important to him in life, a name! In the 90’s he struggled at real estate, even so far as claiming bankruptcy but never spiritual bankruptcy. He never stopped believing in himself. he fell, he picked himself up, shook himself off and rebuilt on his credibility. And today he is one of the wealthiest men alive! Why? Because he had focus, the laser-beam focus required to build upon his name and his reputation once more.

4. Expect from others what you expect from yourself. I think that when we work with other people, partners and colleagues we must learn how to delegate and to trust that our team members can perform the tasks delegated. We must develop the skills to lead. There are many great books to show us the way.

Starting to Build Leadership Skills & Teams:

1. Abolish fear. It is your darkest night and your worse enemy. Shine the light of knowledge in this direction. Fear is simply the lack of understanding and application of a skill. Get it and build upon it until it is so embedded within you, it is no longer the unknown. Then go out and teach it, become the expert and the authority figure.

2. Ask and it shall be given. If you are uncertain as to how to proceed, send out the smoke signals, pick up the phone, send an email, let out the carrier pigeons! For God’s sake, you do not live on an island!! And if you do, is there access to the internet?? My motto in life sums up in the following few thoughts:

“There is nothing that you cannot do. Whatever you need to know, there is a reference book or how-to manual out there for your task.”

“There are lots of unknowns, yet there’s enough of a trail laid before us carving out a path (no matter how less traveled) that we can build upon.”

“Find your true north. Read what you must. Get advice. Attend events, and tune into like-minded individuals that resonate well with your beliefs.”

Do you know that subconsciously you’re always attracting individuals that you resonate with? That’s why we always seem to attract the same situations, the same repeat stories with a different cast of characters in our lives. Until we discover the secret to our vibratory attraction of one another, we cannot break the chain of magnetic attraction bringing people and circumstances into our lives.

Use this knowledge to your advantage. Embark on studying the essence of your own being. Raise the level of your resonance so you find others that not only resonate in harmony with you, but raise YOU beyond your present level of resonance to help you to become even greater than you already are. Build relationships, the right relationships.

3. Offer free training, consulting, and sample of product. Ask for a referral.

Once you’ve mastered the subject (or grasp it enough to be able to teach this, then stop being the student and own it). Become a teacher. Raise another’s level of understanding. Like in medicine, the motto is:

“See one, do one, teach one”

4. Create positive experiences for yourself step by step as a platform upon which to build on experience & expertise for tomorrows. Your brand is a reflection of your morals. Your brand is a reflection of your principles and passions.

5. Share yourself with the world!

Write press releases and submit them to the local magazines, newspapers and online resources.

You need to have the trust in you and your capacity and be willing to put your name out there…to tell people YOUR personal story. If you can’t, then nobody will know you. And nobody buys from an unknown. So write up your story. Pick up the phone (refer back to number 2 and follow the steps)

Ask for the chance to speak and to be heard. Write an authoritative commentary for local newsprint & throw away journals using a signature line that leads your readers right back to your website (or a brick and mortar place of business).

6. Build credibility through name branding online. Define yourself. Show off your brilliance. Bring out your true colors. Be firm. Be authoritative. Don’t settle for what others believe you should be doing with your life.

Hey, It’s YOUR life dang it, live it as YOU want to live it and stop regretting the would’a, could’a, should’as of mediocrity…

Tell Yourself Right Now… “I declare myself a marketing coach and online mentor today. I am using the marketing tools, skills and methods that I have learned through trials and tribulations online. I’ve sweat almighty bullets, blood and tears. I’m a tough cookie and I can show you how to polish your stone bringing out your own brilliance. People know what I do online, as well as offline.” This will be your creed to success.

Believe it & Become It. In other words, you might have heard it best as “Fake It ‘Till You Make It”

I invite you to follow my story, see if you resonate with me. Let me show you what I’ve discovered. Let’s discover if we resonate. In turn, you’ll know what I do every day to be better, stronger and more of a platform for myself and others to build upon.

Learn how to become a pillar without leaving behind a trail of bodies. Create your own attraction marketing blueprint and do it ethically. Keep reminding yourself, for you will most likely live long enough to REGRET your decisions if you don’t.

To Your Success!

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Ana Hernandez

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