Nine Inch Nails – Driving Their Fans With Rock

Nine Inch Nails or NIN is a one man industrial rock music group. It was formed in the year 1988 and founded in Cleveland, Ohio by Trent Reznor, who is the band’s founder, producer, songwriter, singer and instrumentalist. He is responsible for everything that happens within the band, as he is the only official member.

This band’s music consists of a large variety of genres, but maintaining a single sound by making use of certain electronic instruments. Once he has recorded a new album, Trent normally puts together a live band that will perform with him. For those of you who are die hard NIN fans, know that there is Nine Inch Nails merch available if you are interested.

This touring band has a rotating lineup that sometimes has to rearrange planned songs in order to match a live setting. When on stage, Nine Inch Nails sometimes go to the lengths of employing impressive visual elements to perform with, which often ends in the band demolishing their instruments. Some Nine Inch Nail merch will illustrate such events on their T-shirts if it is possible. In the 1990’s the band produced more than a few records, which managed to become rather popular over many parts of the world. Many of their songs became big hits on the radio. Two of their songs won Grammy Awards, and NIN have sold an astonishing 30 million albums nationwide. Eleven million albums were sold in the United States alone.

The fame didn’t stop there, as Trent made an appearance in the Time magazine’s listing of the most influential individuals in 1997. In the same year, Spin magazine portrayed Trent as “the most vital artist in music”. The US Based magazine Rolling Stone put NIN at number 94 on a list of the “100 greatest artists of all time”. That is quite an accomplishment for any band, and Nine Inch Nails was proud to be part of it. He was even more proud of what he had achieved when manufacturers started to make Nine Inch Nail merch to sell to the public. Fans bought all different types of merchandise with the bands name, logo and picture featured on it.

Although Nine Inch Nails have had so many compliments and were so successful in the years, they have indeed had many arguments with the business side of the industry. The worst was in 2007, when these petty arguments resulted in Trent proclaiming that the band was going to break away from its independent label and rather release their material on their own. Thankfully, the Nine Inch Nails merch was still the same throughout all these ordeals so impact to fans was not apparent. Let’s hope Nine Inch Nails continue to impress fans with their unique twist on Industrial Rock.

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