NO Spot FOR Hate Criminal offense – Whatsoever David CAMERON secretly thinks!

NO Spot FOR Hate Criminal offense – Whatsoever David CAMERON secretly thinks!

HOMOPHOBIC Bullying – Bodily Assault – Persistent Persecution – Harassment

Office aggression – Sexual harassment – Electricity harassment – Mobbing

Homophobic bullying since you are homosexual or lesbian
NO Spot FOR Hate Criminal offense

[Even nevertheless Nick CLEGG and/or David CAMERON may well secretly snicker if off!
Just to get OUR Vote! It is not and it in no way was a laughing make a difference]

BULLYING in schools is a big issue. Stonewall identified that sixty five% of youthful lesbian, homosexual and bisexual persons have skilled bullying in school.

Our have investigate identified that ninety two% of the fifty members interviewed experienced skilled bullying in schools. This provided bullying since the sufferer was disabled, minority ethnic, or simply just since they ‘looked distinct.’ Having said that, seventy six% of members experienced skilled HOMOPHOBIC bullying: bullying dependent on the perception that the sufferer is identified or suspected to be homosexual.

Paedophile Crown Officers persecute Senators who are Homosexual in JERSEY
Yet the BRITISH Government of David CAMERON that has whole obligation for the “Crown Dependency” of JERSEY does totally practically nothing.

Paedophile CROWN Officers have persistently persecuted about 160 children in Community Care in JERSEY – BRITAIN drown them out with pomp and pious platitudes – as the Band plays louder drownoig the cries of the superior public trying to find Human Legal rights – so what hope is there for the BRITISH persons.

The BRITISH Government does not treatment a jot for HUMAN Legal rights in the “Crown Dependency” of JERSEY despite the fact that the British Government is lawfully accountable for the “Crown Dependency”.

[Michael Cashman MEP, Human Legal rights Committee, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium]


[Thomas Hammarberg, Commissioner for Human Legal rights, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France – he has a obligation to look into nations around the world like BRITAIN – who have signed up – but nevertheless who go on to flagrantly Are unsuccessful to uphold critical problems of Human Legal rights -as nevertheless it does not make a difference – even nevertheless there are A great number of victims of grave crimes identified to Intercontinental Regulation].

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