Obama Just Elected 1st OPENLY GAY CIVILIAN To Lead U.S. Army – WE’RE SCREWED!

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Obama just sealed the fate of the United States Military by electing a Gay Civilian as Leader of the U.S. Army! Since Obama has been in office we have seen the demoralization, disarmament, degradation, distrust, dislike, and disablement he has successfully done in the U.S. Military. What once use to be a force to be reckon with as been reduced to putty in red heals and the enemies of this nation LOVE IT!
Obama hates the military, here’s more proof:
– Sending Pink Slips to Soldiers Serving in War Zones
– Bergdahl Prisoner Swap
– Blocking off the World War II Memorial During the Government Shutdown
– The VA Scandal
– Using the Marines as Umbrella Holders
– Ignoring a meeting request from the Fort Hood Terror Victims
– Outing SEAL Team SIX and exploiting them for political gain
– HUMILIATES Male Soldiers, Forces Them To Wear high red heels
– Male Soldiers, Forced To Wear Women’s Clothing As Part Of Mandatory Training
– Exchanges Islamic extremist terrorist for Christians who believe the Bible
– Eliminated don’t ask don’t tell
– Enforces homosexual bias on branches
– secures LGBT legacy with transgender military service
– Military holds gay fashion week
– Military forced to have gay parade
– gay “American flag” flies on U.S. base
– reduces nuclear arsenal
– severely limits budgets
– brings our military to pre-WWII size
– makes soldiers study etiquette of Islam
and more!

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