Older – Younger Lesbian Relationships

Older/younger or Age gap relationships have always appealed to many. The appeal is almost timeless, from Mrs Robinson to Loving Annabelle. In fact, it is regardless of orientation, gender, race or any other factors you can think of.

But of course, over here the spotlight will be shining on older/younger lesbian relationships.

Something Sexy : The Older/Younger Combination

There is just something incredibly romantic and sexy about being in a older/younger lesbian relationship, especially if both of you are at different stages of your lives.

E.g. She is the successful career woman sought after by the industry, while you’re the young and upcoming newbie under her mentorship; you’re the charismatic female lecturer, while she is your intelligent, earnest student…you get the idea.

Its as if you come from 2 different worlds, and struck by a specially formulated arrow drawn from Cupid’s bow, two magically becomes one.

I have always been fascinated with women older than me.

When I was a teenager I tried dating women in their mid-twenties to early thirties. Now that I’m in my twenties, the range got extended to dating women from the mid-twenties to early forties.

I used to think that the chances of finding a good bed partner was higher in an attractive older woman than the hot girl sitting next to you in lecture hall.

I was mostly right about my pre-conceived beliefs for my own experiences.

If this were to be plotted on a graph, it would depict an upward trend to a certain extent:

The older the woman I slept with, the more fun we had in bed.

But of course, that’s not the only thing that makes them attractive. (Although its an undeniably big draw)

Given their archive of social experience, older women generally exude more confidence and carry themselves pretty well.

Dating them, to me, is a whole lot of fun and the emotional connection is often refreshing.

I like the conversations we have; the places we go; the food we eat; our different perspectives on the same things.

Older/Younger Lesbian Seductions

I especially like the way they drop subtle seductive hints when they find themselves liking you, before they say out loud that they like you.

I find their hints juicier than their verbal declarations.

Like for example, there was this one time, I met up with this lady whom I got to know from a party.

She was 39 and I was 22.

We met up for some coffee in the afternoon at a place that had cozy couches.

It was all polite at first, but as minutes passed, we found ourselves opening up and inching towards each other.

She was attractive and well maintained for her age, and looked like she was only in her late twenties, so I couldn’t help looking at her face a little longer than I normally would.

It was electrifying how she reciprocated the ‘looks’ and periodically broke into seductive laughter.

I was hooked.

Sugar & Spice : All Things Nice

If you’re a girl wanting to date an older woman, you probably wonder what will you have to offer to the relationship?

If an older woman is sugar, then a younger woman is all spice.

Younger women, with their hunger for new experiences, youthful energy and spontaneity, are infectious.

Also, the sweet adoration one gets from her younger counterpart is priceless.

An additional ‘perk’ you get when you have a younger girlfriend is that she keeps you more current than your peers and ‘extends’ your prime.

Plus you get a combination of sugar and spice in bed

Age gap: Is it a relationship issue?

Some of you might have heard some lesbian horror stories of manipulation: younger girlfriends being presented as ‘trophies’, older girlfriends being exploited as ‘sugar mummies’; but there will always be ladies like that around.

You can be of the same age as your girlfriend; be manipulated in the relationship, presented as a trophy and treated like a sugar mummy. At the end of the day you have to be selective about who you date.

Can a older/younger lesbian relationship go the distance? I think it can.

Although there can be many differences in this relationship (just like any other similar age relationship), once you can connect and find what makes both of you tick, the differences you have becomes like the faded background.

Afterall, we’ve seen so many of our straight counterparts in age gap relationships living their happily-ever-after stories. So, why not us?

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