On the Marriage Route: Understanding Men

Marriage is something that many people find challenging. If you're thinking that you're in for a smooth road, it's time to re-evaluate your outlook. The road to marriage is often a bumpy one. What you need to do is understand what men want in a marriage. You may know your partner before you tie the knot but the demands and expectations of marriage may bring unexpected changes. Here are some tips for you to consider in terms of understanding men if you're considering the marriage route:

On the emotional level

What men really want is the feeling of being loved and cared for. While they may not generally be the touchy-feely type, a little concern and sweetness goes a long, long way in a relationship. What you want to establish is the fact that you can deal with his emotions. Men also encounter physiological changes when they are emotional. When they're angry, they tend to have higher blood pressure levels. This does not subside easily. So, understand how they seem to have a hard time jumping back from emotional stress next time your partner is uptight.

On the physical level

It is not new that sex is what guys want most of the time. A little excitation in the bedroom helps bring intimacy into your relationship, and knowing what he likes, what you like and how to respond to each other is even better. Physical contact with him also matters. Hold his arm while you're taking a stroll or simply touch his face when you feel like it. Do not hold back. He may not necessarily admit it but sweet gestures like this go a long way in terms of reassuring him that you love him.

On the intellectual level

Men are never bored with mysterious women who can make their point. Not that you should always be all-tell with your man. A little showmanship would be most ideal. Keeping him guessing on some matters so that he has something to explore. This keeps the spark between you alive. Also, take the time to find some common interests you can both discuss. You do not have to agree with each other all the time – in fact having opposing opinions can be healthy in a relationship – but ensure that you have topics you can have meaty conversations about.

The saying that marriage is give and take is true. Like any relationship, marriage is about striking that balance between having things your way, understanding what he wants and coming to a suitable compromise.

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