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Friendfinder has a different take on many sites by being quite inventive and moving with the times as the Internet evolves and how people interact with the Internet and through the Internet changes with this evolution.

Not only does Friendfinder keep up with emerging trends but it has a larger range of relationships to choose from when selecting those you wish to hook up with including friendship, dating, serious relationships people looking for marriage and more.

The crux of Friendfinders success however lies in it’s user interaction where their evolution comes from feedback from members via blogs, polls, questionnaires and so forth which fits in with the current social networking phenomenon which Friendfinder has very much become. This makes it a site worthy of keeping memberships with to expand not only your dating chances but social networks as well!


  • Free trial allows you to make a profile and view other profiles like a full member.
  • Profiles have large amounts of data you can include from ethnicity to religion to education & much more.
  • Social networking information.
  • Gay, lesbian, heterosexual and bisexual aspects are covered.
  • Looking for includes: Friendship, dating, serious relationship, marriage, pen pals, activity partners and more.
  • On site chat & webcam chat.
  • Covers regions all over the world.
  • Profiles are checked before being allowed to go live reducing fake profiles.
  • Companion online dating magazine.
  • Create your own and view others blogs hosted on the friendfinder site.
  • Matchmaking service that shows you new additions that match your profile.


As has been mentioned joining is free but to be able to communicate at all with other members you must upgrade to a full account. This turns some people away but the ones that will actually spend money on this service will be a better chance at a good date anyhow! Since you can check out the profiles before you pay you can also assess whether you want to make this commitment. Interestingly you can pay a small amount more to allow free trial members to communicate with you if you choose. There are also two types of memberships: gold and silver.

Gold means your profile will be given priority in searches increasing your chance of being spotted and has all the advantages of a silver membership which gives you full access to the site with all communication options and also puts you above regular non-paying members on the searches.

Membership Costs:


  • 1 month for $22.94
  • 3 months for $13.31 per month. Billed in one install for $39.94.
  • 12 months for $8.33 per month. Billed in one install for $99.94.


  • 1 month for $34.94
  • 3 months for $14.98 per month. Billed in one install for $59.94.
  • 12 months for $7.77 per month, Billed in one install for $139.94.


Very few, some have speculated that the profile checking system is flawed allowing many fake profiles through but this has not put too many off and if you look for other paying members anyway while being a paying member you will usually avoid many of those pitfalls. It’s strength in being diverse can also be a drawback sometimes as there is so much choice of different relationship types some people may find this off-putting.


Friendfinder is one of the top classed dating sites for it’s ability to move with the times and provide a more personal, interactive and social site than many other dating sites. The inventiveness and amazing attention to detail and extra features means this is one of the few sites well worth getting a membership for as you know new content and updates will be along in time making your experience better and better.

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