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One of the easiest things to do on the internet today is to get all the leads you want. The thing you want to spend your time on is talking to your most promising prospects. What do I mean by that? The ones that seem to have to most interest.

Let me start at the beginning. We have to set up your marketing system to capture your leads on a daily basis and at the same time do all the sifting and sorting. That way you can have your leads running across your information, running across your banners, running across your articles, running across your press releases.

You also want your prospects running across your e-books and word of month, friends and anyone that has knowledge of you. Who knows you may even be on the news. You become a brand, a brand of one!. The word has to get out that you’re in business that you’re on the hunt! But in all actuality you’re not chasing anybody down; your prospects or leads are actually coming to you. Your not really hunting anything. You become the hunted!

That goes back to what I mentioned at the beginning of this article. You want to save your precious time, because there are only so many hours in a day.

By the time your prospects have pre-qualified their selves by reading, listening, seeing and holding your information like a free e-book they got from you a week or so ago. I believe the free e-book is the best way to go. They could of down loaded it a month or two ago. That way your prospect has a full knowledge of exactly what is going on about the whole business by the time to join up.

Your new members five minutes to chat with is really just a matter of saying on the dotted line that you want to join yes or no. The other twenty-five minutes can be spent on more quality time with each other, getting to known each other.

The online entrepreneur or network marketer or internet market whatever you want to call it is the job of the future today. Except really 95% of the time it’s really not a job. It’s usually going to be in some fashion a work at home environment. This online entrepreneur is mobile also if you want it to be. You can be on the road. Traveling, mobile not tied down. You could be any where with a laptop and a cell phone as an online entrepreneur of the 21st century!

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Gary W. Cooper

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