Overpopulation Effects and The Solutions

It is a well known fact that right now as we speak over 1 billion people don’t have enough food and pure drinking water to drink. Because of the growing population, people are now forced to live in unsafe areas where they are at risk of severe harm. In 2011 many thousands of people that lived on the floodplains in Pakistan were killed.

The current world population is now at 7.2 billion people, and that number is estimated to grow to more than 10 billion by the year 2050. With 1 billion people without enough food and water today, how many will starve when there are 3 billion extra people on the planet.

There exist solutions to this growing problem of overpopulation. For one thing we could make our government enforce laws where the number of births per family is limited to a certain number. The government could also encourage families to plan ahead as to how many children they will have. The idea of a new law to enforce this has been around for a long time, but it is a complex issue, and enforcing it is not easy.

Aside from adapting a new law there is one other potential solution which may be decades away but it still remains a solution. We could move to another planet and expand the human race there. This may seem like a shocking solution, but it is a plausible solution to the overpopulation crisis. Of course getting to another planet remains a challenge that is going to take a lot of effort to overcome.

One other solution that many have had in mind for a long time is making our buildings taller and taller to accommodate more people in a certain area. While this does allow for more living areas you still end up with a lot of people in the same general area which can cause crowding. India is a good example of a country where living space is very crowded. If you had a country with very high buildings and a high density of population you would have crowding too.

A very promising solution is to encourage women to work and study more. Research has shown that when women are educated and have good jobs they tend to have less babies. This is a good solution that needs to be researched and developed further. New advertising campaigns showing how this solution could reduce our world’s population would need to be released and promoted. This is a very good way to encourage women to have less children.

Advertising campaigns on TV and other media should also talk about how small families have benefits that larger families don’t have. When families have less children they can spend more quality time with each individual family member. Small families also have a lot less expenses than larger families do.

The economic effects of overpopulation are also felt by a country with a high density of people. If there are not enough jobs for all the people in a country, the people suffer and they don’t have enough money to pay for food and lodging. This reduces the standard of living for all people that live in that country.

As time goes by more attention needs to be paid to the growing population on our planet.

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