Picking Your Candidate in 2008

2008 is an election year and it is time that you decide which candidate you will pick for President of the United States of America. We have Senator Barrack Obama and Senator John McCain vying for the highest office of the land.

If you have not yet chosen your candidate for 2008, you’re not alone. In fact a recent survey showed that 17% of the population was still unsure who they would vote for, even though the election is nearly a couple months away.

It is difficult to make an informed decision when picking a candidate who’s running for office. This is because much of the information we get is from a biased media source or it comes from an advertisement, which is part of the PR marketing for a candidate. Worse, folks send around emails and we hear all sorts of rumors on blogs too – much of which is not even true or even based on truth.

Between all the chaos and controversy; and all the sound and fury we find ourselves in a fog of information; data smog if you will. It is up to each citizen to make a good choice, one that fits their value system and their beliefs.

We live in such a great nation and part of our political process is to determine who shall lead us forward. If we choose the wrong candidate we will all suffer. Picking a candidate is never easy, it never has been, but it is something we must do. Voting is one of our responsibilities as good citizens and we must not take this privilege lightly.

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Lance Winslow

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