Pinksixty SATURDAY 30 ARIL 2011

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MSNBC news anchor Rachel Maddow has told the UK’s Guardian newspaper she believes other gay news anchors should come out. She said gay people had responsibilities to our community both now and in the future.

Lesbian Top Gun actress Kelly McGillis has said she doesn’t want to be a role model. Speaking to the Advocate magazine, she said ‘I would like to be seen as a human being doing the best I can…’

Rapper, Lil B’s new album titled, ‘I’m Gay’ is causing a storm after the performer began receiving death threats from his own fans. Although NOT gay, the star says he supports gay rights and wants to reclaim the word’s original happy meaning.

Heroes actor Thomas Dekker was left reeling when his character’s proposed coming out episode was rewritten to keep him straight. He says he would have jumped at the chance of playing a gay character on the hit show.

And finally, today marks the 34th anniversary of the opening of New York super-club, Studio 54. The club’s guest-list included artists, fashion designers, singers and movie stars. The club closed in 1986 heralding the end of disco!

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