PKA 248 Taylors Bathroom Bandit Story, Kyle Hits a teacher, GOP Debates, and more

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0:00 Ad Read (Casper) + Bed Talk
1:50 Woody’s Dogs Ears – Why??
5:48 Debate Talk
10:28 – Who won? / Hosts Opinions
9:10 Woody is getting worn out by Trump
20:20 Republicans Lie more than democrats
21:26 What Kyle didn’t like about the debate
24:45 Donald Trump + Putin
25:10 Press Coverage has evolved
26:29 Chris Christie is Fat
27:07 Ben Carson Talk
29:10 Carly talks about planned parenthood mis-facts
34:10 Trump has done us a service for Jeb Bush
35:18 Kyle is excited for this debate
36:15 Woody likes the debate format
38:30 Democratic Party Debates / Clinton Talk
45:48 Socialism is not a good idea
47:52 Woody does not agree with minimum wage increase
50:05 Woody has an idea for self-employed contractors
51:43 Kyle’s new toy
57:49 Woody’s new DITL Idea
1:04:16 Don’t use Drugs – Kyle’s Story – Heroin
1:08:57 Watching Woody’s video about drug use
1:15:53 Woody’s brother-in-law died from drugs
1:17:48 People snorting condoms?
1:19:50 Woody would go on a murder rampage
1:22:52 Video – Man runs himself over w/ car
1:24:54 Truck Talk / Car Talk
1:26:06 Woody sold his house today
1:29:30 Video – Player hit by helmet
1:34:26 Taylor, have you ever taken a cheap shot?
1:36:39 Woody gave the Duggars a pass / Kyle won’t
1:48:25 Kim Davis Talk / Gay Rights
1:54:39 Woody’s Religious Parents
1:55:33 Chiz Talk
1:59:27 One youtuber who is like Jimmy from GTA?
2:00:05 Jim Norton Comedian
2:00:23 When the fans choose look-alikes for the hosts
2:02:19 Back to Chiz Talk
2:08:27 Chiz is not smoking anymore
2:09:20 Ad Read (
2:13:04 Clock Kid Talk (Kid loses rights over briefcase)
2:25:26 The hosts have very different names / Name Talk
2:28:27 Woody reads a letter from Reddit / Advice
2:39:04 Kyle’s Birthday is coming soon
2:40:27 Kyle would be a good uncle
2:41:38 Back to the Reddit advice
2:46:44 Woody would date girls weekly in Ocean City
2:49:48 Average age to lose virginity? / Age Talk
2:57:02 Kyle hit a teacher
3:02:35 Worst thing ever done to a teacher?
3:08:29 Murka’s bathroom bandit story
3:11:09 Nick Diaz has been busted for smoking pot
3:22:45 NC man facing charges / Sexting Talk
3:28:47 Hells angel chased by police / Bike Talk
3:36:29 Star Trek Voyager Girl in Trouble
3:39:33 Movies/books talk

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