Police arrest LGBT activists protesting outside Sochi committee making

A handful of Russian LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) activists gathered on Wednesday in front of the Olympics organising committee in Moscow to protest against a new regulation they say violates the human rights of the LGBT community.
All the participants had been detained by police.
The Russian regulation has prompted calls for boycotts of the 2014 Wintertime Olympics hosted by Russia in Sochi.
Preparations for Sochi are underway but have been overshadowed by Western criticism of a new Russian regulation banning “propaganda of non-classic sexual relations among the minors.”
The regulation imposes fines of up to five,000 rubles (a hundred and fifty US pounds) for people and 1 (m) million rubles (30,000 US pounds) for organisations, moreover stiffer penalties for propaganda on the Web or in the media.
Foreigners who violate the regulation are also subject matter to fines, moreover jail sentences of up to 15 days, deportation and denial of re-entry into Russia.
The regulation does not outlaw homosexual sex or explicitly ban participation in homosexual pleasure parades or promotion of LGBT equality on line.
However, the definition of “propaganda” is vague and donning a rainbow flag on the street or writing in a particular way about homosexual interactions on Facebook could be interpreted as propaganda.

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