Positive Parenting

Having kids are one of life’s miracles that nothing can ever come close to. Kids are gifts and a product of you and your spouse’s love after all right?

If you are the mother, you carried your baby in your womb for nine months. If you are the dad, you anxiously waited for the baby to come out. And when your baby came out, such unspeakable joy came from your hearts. No wonder that you became more in love.

If you think that having babies and kids are simple as singing lullabies to them, you are wrong. Raising kids mean raising another generation. A big portion of the responsibility of raising societies lies in your hands. So do you get how parenting goes?

New parents are anxious excited about being a parent. Parents who have grown up kids usually will say, “Finally”. Well, being a parent has no retirements. Once a parent, always a parent. Even if your kids will be parents, you are still a parent. No one can ever take that away from you.

Positive parenting is something that parents should understand and practice. Instead of thinking about the punishment for faults of children, parents should focus more on how to nurture their kids the positive way.

Positive parenting and discipline is the parents’ responsibility. You do not pass the parenting to care givers or the teachers or your neighbors. You as parents are the main authority in parenting and disciplining.

In discipline, both parents should be consistent. If one says that something is not allowed, the other parent should stick to the statement that it is indeed not allowed. Positive parenting requires both parents to set their rules and discipline strategy together. Positive parenting is not just about a mother to her kids. It is also not just a father to his children. Positive parenting works if both the parents are involved.

Children are naturally adventurous and they love to explore. Because of this, children may do things that are wrong but yet they do not understand. It is important for parents to be there for their kids to teach them what is right and what is wrong.

Discipline works best if parents are good examples. A child will naturally imitate older people. Children’s eyes are always on the look for their parents’ and other older people’s actions. Parents need to be careful about this.

Positive parenting also requires that in disciplining, the parents should properly explain this to their children. Questions like, “Why did mommy slap your hand when you threw that glass on your playmate?” should be asked by parents in order for children to understand why they were reprimanded. Discipline in positive parenting starts when the kids are still babies. Babies as young as one year old can already understand some things. Discipline does not start during teenage years. Repairing is always difficult that disciplining early on.

Remember a famous quote, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

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