Preparing For Anal Sex – Top Tips

Anal sex between a man and a woman can be an exciting sexual experience. It can also go unlawfully wrong without correct preparation. In the few paragraphs that follow you will learn all the essentials to preparing for anal sex .

A Bowel Movement – It is always advisable to have a bowel movement about an hour or two prior to anal sex. An enema is often taken as an added precaution but this is usually unnecessary. Careful wiping and cleansing of the anus and surrounding area is also necessary.

Hygiene – The woman should take a nice, relaxing bath in preparation for anal sex. This serves two purposes. It cleans the anus and surrounding area while also causing the woman to feel more relaxed. The more relaxed the woman becomes, the more the anus will easily open to allow entry by the penal.

Talk – A discussion prior to anal sex is essential, especially if this is your first time. Talk about your hopes and expectations. Discuss your fears too.

Foreplay – This is an essential element when preparing for anal sex. The more foreplay, the more aroused the woman becomes, and the more loose becomes her anus.

Relaxation – We have already noted the importance of relaxation. It should, however, be practiced through the experience, not just while bathing. Relaxation will prevent pain during anal sex due to tightening of the sphincter muscle.

Lubrication – A great amount of lubrication is required. Buy a tube of your favorite lubricant. Apply a generous amount to the penis and the anus. When applying it to the anus, ensure that you slide a finger inside to loosen the sphincter muscle and also lubricate it.

Let The Woman Lead – This is especially important if the woman is at all apprehensive. Place the tip of the penal against the anus and allow the woman to gently ease herself onto it in her own time.

When preparing for anal sex, you should follow the above tips, which will ensure your experience is an enjoyable one.

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