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The 2008 election is one of the most serious elections in recent times. The united states is in a situation where one wrong political move could be devastating. The economy is reminding plenty of the conditions before The Great Depression. Whether the next president is John McCain or Barack Obama, he will have many critical decisions to make on important issues that may affect our country for many years to come.

John McCain was born in 1936 in Panama, but his hometown is Phoenix, Arizona. After receiving his education, he turned into a Captain in the Navy. He served on the House of representatives until 1986 when his term stopped. John won the Republican Party's nomination in 2008 and is now becoming to become the united states' President (Project Vote Smart).

Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1961. He gained popularity among his peers and constituents when he spoke at the 2004 National Democratic Convention. In 2005, he joined the united states Senate as an Illinois representative, which is the position he currently is in. Barack won the Democratic Party's presidential proposal and is now running against John McCain for the prize of the white house.

McCain is an advocate of free trade. McCain has said that he'd like to make a trade agreement with any country that would have prepared to enter a deal with the US so long as they negotiate with fairness .. These changes in the tax structure both work to control and constrain free trade with other nations. Barack want to make changes to NAFTA and other trade agreements to make them more favorable to the common person.

Another gigantic issue is how they would handle the state's budget. Barack Obama wants to modify how finances are regulated. Barack believes Bush is the cause of the great debt the country has today. He says the government must focus the spending on the middle class and cut costs in Iraq. He also states that it might be useful to cap Visa card interest under thirty%. He says we must improve the economy to keep the army strong and we can not pass this great finance burden onto the youth of America. To cut taxes, the nations's spending must be in control. In 2003, he opposed Bush's tax cuts because spending was out of control (On the difficulties). McCain wants to increase the kid tax exemption to 7000 bucks for each child. John also is of the opinion America requires a more fair tax setup, but is against fair tax.

Barack Obama wants to cut taxes for ninety-five% of the people; excluding the richest 5 pc Barack believes it is all right to imposes high taxes on the top earning voters because under Clinton they did not feel oppressed. Obama asserts that he does not need to give money back to folk who do not want it. He also said, 'I will raise head honcho taxes, no doubt about it.' Obama believes the tax subsidies to the middle class will help offset the rising costs of food and gas.

A problem that has effects on many US citizens is gay rights. Obama sees similarities between the gay rights movement and the civil rights movement. He knows that being gay is not a choice. Obama thinks that gays should be allowed to join in civil unions, giving equal benefits and rights to gay couples. While John believes that marriage is a union for one man and one woman, he suspects the issue should get left for the states to choose.

Each American hopes to retire sometimes, and that's why social security is a pressing issue. He also recognizes that any fix would only be non-permanent because social security is not a long-term solution.

On the other side, Obama is opposed to all attempts to privatize social security. He thinks it is too dangerous to have people's retirements hinge on the stock market. He is also against reducing benefits or skyrocketing the retirement age.

Another issue that's vital to the enhancement of the country is oil and energy. John McCain is in favor of nuclear power. John believes that global temperature increases is a real issue and that nuclear power is the solution to it.

Barack Obama has just become a fan of nuclear power. He has also got voted yes to reduce oil use by forty percent before 2025 (On the issues). He believes action must be taken to retard the effects of global temperature increases.

the security of the nation is critical to the safety of each American. He suspects the military must be expanded and that varsities need to allow recruiters on campus. He also believes that no torture should ever be used.

John McCain is a vet of war and announcements that he detests war. He thinks it's vital for the president to have military experience so he knows the great sacrifices that come with war. McCain was ranked 0 percent by SANE signaling an expert army voting record. John claims that Bush and Clinton both missed opportunities to capture Osama Bin laden.

A social issue the 2 presidential mandates have different opinions on is abortion. Obama said 'We should trust women on the decisions per partial birth.' He also believes it's acceptable for children to cross state borders to have terminations. John is not OK of abortions in general and thinks they should only be used after a rape. The two presidential candidates share an identical opinion about some issues, but have completely different perspectives on others. Regardless of who wins the imminent election, the president will have a major influence on the future.

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