Progressive Liberal-Socialists Looking for Freelance Article Writing Writers – Find Out Why!

Not long ago, I was surfing the Internet for freelance article writing, and freelance article writers, and I came across a very troubling advertisement. It appears that a progressive liberal-socialist group claiming to be Progressive Media is looking for writers to pay to write op Ed pieces supporting such things as gay rights, illegal immigration, free housing, free health care, free electricity, free food stamps, and Increased taxes to pay for it all. Folks, this is socialism, it's not progressive, socialism has been shown to destroy nations, and therefore it is regressive, not progressive.

Is not it interesting that the progressive liberal-socialists will not even write their own op Ed pieces, rather they wish to hire persnickety, and depressed writers to bang out content for them so they can distribute it around the country to other progressive liberal- Socialists, who can then put their name on it and send it into their local editor as an article from a reader. Needless to say, this is very manipulative, it is unethical, and lacks integrity of anyone involved including the writer, the newspaper which knowsly accepts the article, and the group sponsoring this endavor.

We have rules against false advertising, against shrills, and even rules from the Federal Trade Commission against endorsements that are being paid without identifying the payer. Neverheless, we have progressive liberal socialist groups paying writers to create op Ed pieces, where someone else will put their name on it, claiming it was written by them. That is completely dishonest and disingenuous, is using trickery to persuade the reader to vote for liberal-socialist causes. It is indeed a manipulation of our political system and is of the severe detriment to our society.

It is interesting though that no politician will touch this with a 10 foot pole, and no regulatory agency will investigate this fraud against the voters, and the citizens of our country as they are being brainwashed and manipulated by the mass media, even though the mass Media and newspapers are merely an enabler of this fraud to continue. Why is it that the liberal-socialists scream bloody murder, and yet, engage in such dishonest actions and activities, and yet if anyone else says anything against what they are doing, they are labeled a racist, and chastised in public for not being politically Correct?

Folks, we have a problem when our media is being used to form our opinions and liberal-socialist organizations are getting the politicians into power they need to continue to fund their activities with taxpayer dollars. In essence, these groups are tricking voters into putting politicians into power which will steal from one group of taxpayers and give it to another group which does not pay taxes. If we allow this to continue we will destroy the integrity of our socio-political system. Please consider all this.

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Lance Winslow

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