Prosperity Or Tragedy In Human Society

A school 'Prince' shoots to kill

1. A school 'Prince' shoots in a school cafeteria in the US and kills / injures his friends. There is the usual noise by human rights activists to restrict sale of guns. It will be forgotten by media and public, after some time. The firearms mafia (Industrialists) quote high ideals: democracy, and freedom of choice, to retain status quo and cover up the real goal of enhanced business profits. Invariably the victims, belong to commoners in society. God forbid, if a similar tragedy occurs in a Gun-mafia family, it will change the gun-mafia outlook, towards social obligations. There is prosperity for gun-mafia and avoidable human tragedy for commoners.

2. The onus lies on US society to resolve the paradox. There is a division in US society, on this issue. The commoners want stricter laws for sale of arms, to put a check on such incidents. The gun-mafia opposes it as it would affect the business. Economic muscles play a vital role in the society. The old axiom – Might is right – holds good, even today. The US is a role model society for developing countries, worthy of emulation. God bless US society to live up to third world expectations – US is capable to police the world and is equally effective to police itself.

Trafficker's mafia sends SOS for illegal immigrants

3. The human smuggling between North Africa nations and South European countries is continuing unabated. It is a big business. 200 thousand illegal immigrants succeeded last year, having paid US $ 2000 per head to traffickers. 3,200 potential illegal immigrants died by drowning in the sea. Traffickers leave the illegal immigrants near Italian coast on small boats and send SOS to coastguards. European nations are not interested in rescuing the drowning immigrants. They are worried about increasing number of successful immigrants. They expect more drownings in coming years. The media and human rights activists will make the usual noise and humanity will continue to suffer the tragedy. The traffickers business will boom.

4. The commoners will continue to suffer. The mafia will continue to prosper. The poor illegal immigrants, from Africa and Asia can spend any amount, and take any risk – traveling in closed containers or small boats – to achieve their goal. The developed countries worry about reducing the number of illegal immigrants. They could not careless if there are more darnings of illegal immigrants.

5. A civilized society should be humane. With new technology – GPS, and identification protocols of boats and ships in international waters – we can resolved the issue, if there is a will. Let us find a dignified solution to the problem faced by the poor, who wants to immigrate to greener pastures, but suffer due to unscrupulous traffickers mafia.

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Charanjit Singh Arora

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