Q26 The Mad Gay Monks & Their Cell Journal (1993)

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Companions in lifestyle and vacation and work, Jim Crotty and Michael Lane, aka The Mad Monks, built their way close to the place in their vibrant RV, with an early Macintosh laptop or computer, publishing Monk magazine — in quite a few strategies a print edition of Community Q. We caught up to them in West Hollywood. The Wall Of Kimchi, the Enjoyment Chest and Innovative Artists Agency are all on the itinerary.

From Community Q Out Throughout The united states Episode 26 December 1993. Observe the relaxation of the episode at

Manufactured and directed by David Surber affiliate producer Carol Morgan crew: Louis Rodriguez, Anne Attalia, Laurel Burke, Daniel Burnett, Heidi Shewchuk senior editor Clark Morris editors Gerald Brewer, Darryl Frank, Mitch Kenison graphics by Kelly Lujan write-up production :thirty Next St., Ltd. primary audio Tin Roof Productions incidental audio Some Stuff from Huff, animation by Multimedia Photos administrative assistance Ched Kindley and Heidi Shewchuk special many thanks: Scott Fitzmaurice, Drew Trujillo, Ga Ragsdale.

Originally dispersed by way of membership on VHS tape aired on community television in the US in 1995.

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