Questions for Atheists and Theologians

Not long ago, a religious follower had asked me if me about my hopes, fears, faith, and whom I might turn to in the middle of a storm. Indeed, he'd come up with several interesting questions he'd read in magazine, and the final question was even more intriguing; are you constantly waiting for other men's applause, or are you one to look skyward and thank the lord know you choose him as your personal savior?

Okay so, let's discuss this shall we? Where do you find hope, how do you base your faith, and what do you believe in. Whom will you seek shelter from in that darkest hour, in the middle of a raging storm?

Perhaps like me you have pondered all of these questions the prior, as in one form or another they are common concerns I suppose. Personally, I don't do hope, I use strategic objectives, and goals to achieve. For me, "HOPE" is a four-letter word. Why would anyone have faith, why does anyone need it, probability works best, intuition together with probability seems to work fine.

Why would anyone turn to someone or some other entity in the middle of a storm? Why put faith in an invisible friend of the mind? I say; conquer your fears, challenge destiny, and live your life, as it's your life to live, adversity builds character and once you have that you don't need anything else. Challenge the storm!

With regards to waiting for other men to applause; well, if you care what others think you will end up serving their will, not your own, which is why groups use peer pressure to control, and why religions, governments, organizations, associations, education, military, and any other human group uses such, many species in the animal kingdom do it through force, fear, or both. There is no honor in relinquishing self to that.

You don't need an invisible friend to give you permission to live your life as a free man. You already own you; insist on it, not just for yourself, for all men, women, and children – everywhere! Indeed, I do not need a god or invisible friend, I trust self – that's my view – and it seems to be working quite well, it is everyone else I'd worry about.

Perhaps, it's time the theologians and atheists of the world re-unite in a philosophical dialogue. It's okay to have faith, as long as one realizes why they are doing it, and the reality behind this intellectual psychological phenomena of our time. So, please consider all this.

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Lance Winslow

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