Reaction of homosexual local community to shootings at youth club demos

Tel Aviv, 2 August 2009
++Day Pictures++
1. Huge of homosexual local community demonstration, activists chanting, some keeping rainbow flags, protesting from taking pictures incident at a centre for homosexual youth
2. Ladies crying, hugging
three. Huge of demonstration
four. Men with arms spherical each other at the demonstration
five. SOUNDBITE (Hebrew) Nitzan Horowitz, brazenly homosexual Knesset Member and homosexual local community activist:
“Every single week, this local community becomes a sufferer of plotting, of harassment, of molestation, people run absent from their families, being excommunicated, suffer from discrimination at their functioning sites. Youth come to Tel Aviv as a get-absent, to locate a team they can be a aspect of, to be collectively, to be with people they can share their struggling with and right here, in this location where by they can discuss freely and be open up collectively, right here they were being murdered and destroyed.”
6. Mid of people at the demonstration
Jerusalem, 2 August 2009
++Day Pictures++
7. Huge of homosexual local community demonstration with people keeping rainbow banner
eight. Pan throughout placards in Hebrew, purportedly bearing the names of the two victims killed in the taking pictures incident
9. Near-up of sign examining (English) “Reside and permit Really like”
10. Pan right of people keeping rainbow banner
eleven. Tilt up on Rabbi Yechiel keeping sign examining (Hebrew) “With mild we will battle darkness”
12. SOUNDBITE (English) Rabbi Yechiel (last identify not offered), demonstrator:
“You know I consider any decent human being, no matter what faith or perception, cannot settle for murder. My problem is irrespective of whether the authorities will do more than enough to capture the culprit and secure people in this state.”
13. Demonstrators putting candles in the condition of a coronary heart all around a rainbow flag
fourteen. Policemen in foreground, demonstration in track record
Tel Aviv, 2 August 2009
++Day Pictures++
15. Volunteer arranging memorial for one particular of the taking pictures victims at a Tel Aviv homosexual, lesbian, bisexual and transgender centre (you should notice: this not the youth club where by the taking pictures took location)
sixteen. Near up of picture of one particular of the victims of the taking pictures
seventeen. Mid of volunteer arranging memorial
18. Mid of members of homosexual local community singing, enjoying new music
19. Near-up of guitar
twenty. Oded Katzman, member of the homosexual local community who performs at the centre, searching at memorial
21. SOUNDBITE (English) Oded Katzman, Member of the homosexual local community who performs at the centre:
“Some people are asking us ‘What shall we do? Shall we not go any much more to any homosexual bar? Shouldn’t we go to any location?’ And we are still telling the people, ‘No, will not ignore, will not ignore that it occurred but we still consider that you could go out. Tel Aviv is still open up. Homosexual bars will still be open up and you are welcome to go to any bar you want since you could be safe and sound there’.”
22. Volunteer talking to callers
23. Exterior shot of Israeli and rainbow flags on leading of building
24. SOUNDBITE (English) Erez Gross, Tel Aviv resident, Vox Pop:
“About 40 a long time in the past we were being all living in Kibbutz collectively and now you listen to about horrifying stories about people coming and taking pictures innocent people just more than hatred, and hatred in between Jews and in between human beings.”
25. Gross walking absent with pet
Tel Aviv, 1 August 2009
++Night time Pictures++
26. Men and women at scene of taking pictures
27. Law enforcement combing by means of space by torchlight
Tel Aviv, 2 August 2009
++Day Pictures++
28. Rainbow homosexual flags exterior homosexual youth club, scene of Saturday’s taking pictures
Tel Aviv, 2 August 2009
++Day Pictures++
29. Pan right of law enforcement automobile driving on Tel Aviv street, close to the youth club where by the taking pictures took location
30. Law enforcement officers standing exterior internet site of taking pictures
31. Mid of law enforcement exterior internet site of taking pictures
A demonstration was also held in Jerusalem.
Nitzan Horowitz, Israel’s only brazenly homosexual lawmaker, condemned the assault.

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