Read the Straight Guy's Mind to Gay Dating Success

Knowing how to read a straight guy's mind has tons of advantages. Not only does it help you get into his bed, it also protects you from unwanted whacks and rejections.

To increase gay dating success, you should be able to tell whether the straight guy you are after is ready, or at least willing to experiment for some man to man action. Avoid those men who are closed off because chances are, they would treat your advance as an affront and give you a black eye to boot.

This stresses the importance of observing him before you pounce. Aggressiveness towards a straight guy will lead you now, trust me. What he is thinking comes out of his behavior, mannerism, and actions, whether he is conscious of it or not.

Initiate some eye contact first to see if a straight guy is game. Keep your distance despite and keep it neutral. If he meets your gaze head on, you are in for a good night. Read his mind by testing how he reacts to skin to skin contact with another man. If he does not flinch with the lightest touch to harmless areas, he may be willing to explore how it feels to be touched in deeper, more intimate areas.

The way a straight guy distances himself to you is also a clue as to what he has in mind – if he is sitting close, or at least allows you within his personal space, in his mind mind that reads to a welcoming place, where he fears you less as a threat.

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Johnny Butler

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