Reasons People Want to Look Like Celebrities

Due to their larger than life personalities and extravagant lifestyles, celebrities are always imitated by most people. Fans will often take their liking to whole new levels, even up to the point of looking like their idols even if it causes them to dig deeper into their pockets or dip into their savings. There's just something about the celebrity aura that glitters and sparkles as much as the business of show business does.

In the old days, wearing clothes similar to those worn by Hollywood icons usually sufficed but these days, you also hear about people having their features surgically altered to look like popular movie stars and following diet fads that they do. The fact that fans have become obsessed with celebrities and their lifestyles and the fact that they look perfect all the time, thanks to airbrushing and Photoshop, it is no surprise that people as well want to look as unattainable as their favorite stars.

Who does not want to look beautiful and flawless? Who does not want to have a great smile and red carpet-worthy gowns? Even the way these celebrities take care of their skin, how they put on their make-up and what brand of shampoo they use is something people like to know so they can so they can be noticed and admire just like the real deals.

But more than just wanting to look like a star, people try to imitate celebrities because they love the way people love them. In a world that sets much store by physical appearance, it is easy to get lost and become invisible amidst the beautiful people and also easily lose track of who you really are. But then again, there are those who despite any physical hurdles and imperfections are confident in their abilities and skills, so much so that they do not really care if they have gray eyes instead of blue or that their hair is brown rather than platinum blonde . Sometimes people think they are missing a lot by not looking like a celebrity and feel like there's this huge void in their life that they need to fill when what they only need to do is find a new hobby or maybe relocate to new surroundings in order to get a fresh perspective on things.

Another noticeable thing is that while celebrities portray roles based on real situations or real people, it is their lifestyle that seems to be the main attraction. This is evidenced by the way people devour those reality TV shows that show how extreme celebrity life can be, from being stalked by the paparazzi to how they prepare themselves for award season and the red carpet. They also avidly take note of how thin or fat a celebrity has become or how much trouble have they been in over the weekend.

All this can be attributed to what we see as a lack of excitation in our own lives. We wake up in the morning, go to work or school, come back home and do the same routine again tomorrow. Celebrities on the other hand, seem to be doing different things every day and in very exciting ways too and we wonder how come our lives are not that exciting as well? All they do is try to look good on camera and they earn tons of money doing just that. It never occurs to us that celebrities also work hard to look as well as they do and to be where they are, just like the rest of us mere mortals.

While imitation is the sincereest form of flattery, celebrities will no doubt feel bad if the person who idolizes them gets into trouble imating them. It is good to try and do your make-up the way your favorite movie star would but make sure that your reasons for doing so do not go beyond that. Being yourself is still more important than anything else because being original is still always the best.

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Shaan Berg

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