Sally’s Spa – A Perfect Place to Relax!

The creators of Sally’s Salon have made us a great gift and released the second part of the game most of us have enjoyed so much. Welcome to Sally’s Spa, a place where you can try your hand at giving your customers real relaxation and yourself have several hours of time-management fun. The game has all the great features of the first part – and much more.

Sally, the successful owner of a network of salons, hears that her friend Nell who runs a spa products shop is experiencing hard times due to the closing of a Spa Villa next to the shop.

Sally is willing to help her friend, and a great idea comes to her head. Guess what? Absolutely right, she decides to buy the Villa and start a new business. You are invited to share this venture with the girl.

There is nothing much to say about the story. But there is much to say about the game play. You start with Azure Coast Spa and will travel all over the world to ten beautiful locations, 5 levels each. In each set of locations (America, Europe, etc.) you are given freedom to choose where to go next. In each spa you are provided a number of stations, such as Sauna, Esthetician Chair or Massage Table. Later on the variety of stations will grow, and you’ll be able to offer your customers a Spa Bath or treatment at a Mani Pedi Chair. Each of the stations has its color which helps quickly distinguish customers’ requests, and each has its sequence of actions to perform. You first drag the customer to the corresponding station, then turn on the station, if it’s Sauna or Spa Bath, choose mask or bath bomb, if we speak about facial treatment or bath, clip fingernails or apply hot stones for manicure and massage. Most of the actions come as pop-ups which sometimes prevent you from setting the sequence of Sally’s actions interfering with your clicks. That is a bit irritating at the beginning, but as you play you get accustomed to it. After a customer has received all the treatment he/she desired, you go to the cash register and take your well deserved money. That’s the essence of the game play. But there is much more about it.

First, each type of customers has its peculiarities, namely, level of patience and tipping. For example, Fashionista is good tipper, but very impatient, while Athlete is moderately patient and an average tipper. Thinking whom to serve first can help a bit, for the amount of your tips also depends on the number of hearts your customer has when leaving.

There are also upgrades which are definitely worth dwelling on a bit. On the total you will have a possibility to purchase more than 65 upgrades for your shop, including additional chairs, station upgrades, pacifiers and treats, helpers and upgrades for Sally herself. Choosing which one to buy first can be quite a challenge sometimes, but I would advise to balance everything so that your spa would have all aspects developed at approximately the same level. Gradually you’ll be able to give your customers herbal tea or magazines, to fill your spa with calming aroma and move faster, and your stations will become more efficient. One great thing about the upgrades is that they are kept from one spa to another and you don’t have to buy them all from the start in each new location.

Tip: watch for recommendations when choosing upgrades – they are quite reasonable.

There is also one more service your spa will offer to its customers: selling cosmetic products of Nell’s Naturals brand. They help you maximize your profit once you select your assortment wisely. Demand for preparations for Split Ends, Stress, Dryness etc. fluctuates daily, so watch the market and make a career in this sphere also. AS your rank will grow you’ll have more options to choose from – and to attract your customers with.

On the whole the game play proves to be extremely addictive. I couldn’t make myself stop playing and write the review for you. Now you can join me in this fun, and I’m going to continue enjoying the game, its pleasant visuals and meditative music.

Have a nice relaxation!

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